What would YOU want in a Gray Fox vs (spoilers) *final boss of MGR* fight?

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  3. What would YOU want in a Gray Fox vs (spoilers) *final boss of MGR* fight?

User Info: U_J

4 years ago#1
I'm gonna make a vid of Gray Fox vs Armstrong

Taking off all voices and music - will add them all in for both Gray Fox and Armstrong

I'm in two minds whether to use the weapon & hand-to-hand fight on top of metal gear, or the final showdown.

I intend to take damage to use the "hurt me more" and "scream" soundbites - and have some special moments lined up which I'll keep to myself for the time being.

So, what would you guys want? Music wise (can use multiple)? Or exchanges between the two (obviously limited to what their lines in their respective games)?

If I start off by saying I definitely intend to have a hand-to-hand moment with Fox saying his "Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon" quote...

Should be ready by the end of the weekend.

User Info: Onikage33

4 years ago#2
If it's possible use the weird voices at about 20 seconds into this vid. Japanese version sounds cool too but may be hard to find.


Also the Twin Snakes version of Gray Fox theme is really good. On youtube titled Solider vs. Ghost Cyborg Ninja Boss theme. And that "clashing of bone and sinew" line from original game is awesome.

Interested in seeing how this turns out.
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User Info: U_J

4 years ago#3
Cool, I've got most of the sounds I need now - got the Solider vs Ghost theme, thanks. Grabbed the Japanese weird voices bit too.

The footage is gonna be tough, because I'm hoping to make it cinematic. I'm thinking of using blade mode to mask the edits, or maybe flashback screenshots or something. Hmm

Also thinking hard difficulty - anything above and I won't be able to tank a lot of attacks before making a comeback

User Info: pizzlemynizzle

4 years ago#4
Nanomachines, son
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User Info: U_J

4 years ago#5
Nanomachines son will certainly be making an appearance.

I spent a while on it last night - nowhere near ready yet. I stayed up waiting for a test movie to publish and Movie Maker failed to save it.

So much trial and error too... so, so much. Needs to be planned well, which I'm gonna quickly do here:

MGR Armstrong fight - with sound effects only
MGS Fox vs Ray - editing select clips
Edit footage

Audio (voices):
MGS - Gray Fox quotes (recorded ones I couldn't get), Liquid Snake quotes
MGR Armstrong quotes, but need to record his fighting sounds from MGR (with sound effects and music off)

Then I need to apply the voices, publish the movie essentially soundtrack free then edit it again and add in any soundtracks.

It's probably going to either take a long time to polish or be crap.

User Info: U_J

4 years ago#6

... Almost there. Few more days. I've completed all recording, (inc recording all Senator and Gray Fox quotes via mic) now in the process of 2nd bout of editing (already edited all flashback moments).

So just need to edit the core footage - add voice - add music - publish - edit (3rd time) adding flashbacks (so the music momentarily stops during flashback). Or maybe it should lower in volume or something.. or maybe I should put all the flashback clips together, add a flashback song and.. yeah!!

So anyways, I think I've used everything I can - so last time before I start editing the core footage - is there anything anyone wants to see/happen/listen to?
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User Info: Raeng

4 years ago#7
Really looking forward to it U_J! : )
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  3. What would YOU want in a Gray Fox vs (spoilers) *final boss of MGR* fight?

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