Executing a GRAD

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User Info: midsizelebowski

3 years ago#1
I hit the double button prompt, time slows down and I see the white japanese character flash in the upper right corner of the screen, then enter blade mode.

I slice through the red square in blade mode, but there's no prompt for zandatsu.

Is execution different from zandatsu? Should I be looking to do something else after pressing the circle + triangle execution prompt?
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User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

3 years ago#2
It just seems to be iffy on GRADs. I get that too. Sometimes the red box doesn't appear, sometimes Raiden lands almost immediately so I don't have time to do it, sometimes I hit the box and the zandatsu prompt doesn't show.

User Info: Raeng

3 years ago#3
Grad Zandatsu is a bit weird indeed; sometimes due to a corner being closeby or something else Raiden will go a bit to the right or left in mid-air making the Zandatsu impossible.

Also any Grad with a boss-meter can't be Zandatsu'd.
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User Info: joegt123

3 years ago#4
Sometimes it wont even cut for me. Like he's using the machete when he's expecting to use muramasa.
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User Info: Goldsickle

3 years ago#5
I recommend just slashing at it with a fully-upgraded Armor Breaker.

You'll get the slash prompt when your current attack breaks the armor housing the Repair Unit.
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