Question regarding Raiden's cyborg body

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User Info: DEBIAZ

3 years ago#1
Ok, first is that I've never played any MGS games before, so this is my first
(well, tried Peace Walker for a few missions - and didn't like it, stealth's not my game).

Reading the wiki about Raiden's history and past, I get it that his body is turned into a cyborg because of the..Patriots..?

Ok, and here's the question:
How much of his body is replaced? (specifically which part of his is still remained as a human?)
Or is his body just umm...replaced all with cyborg machines (from what I read.. his brain&spinal cord was removed or replaced with cyborg..what?)

I'd be really great if someone could explain this to me :/"....

p.s. was this question supposed to be here or in the new MGS game forums...?

User Info: DJ_Limes

3 years ago#2
In MGS2 which stared Raiden, you had no cyborgs whatever. All you brought with you was the sword you get at the end. This game fills you in on all the info we know, so we can only spuculate. (Never played mgs4 though so Im not sure)
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User Info: alienfetucine

3 years ago#3
Yeah nobody's really sure exactly what the hell happened between the end of MGS2 and Raiden's reappearance in MGS4. What we do know:

1. He left Rose and his kid to save Sunny from the Patriots (eventually handing her over to Snake and Otacon, who were friends (kind of) of her mother). He met Boris sometime during this.
2. He got caught up in Big Mama's stuff, and was eventually captured by the Patriots while working for her. The Patriots used him as a test subject for making cyborgs. Big Mama eventually broke him out, Dr. Madnar (a scientist dude from the first two Metal Gear games) fixed him up, and he used his new cyborg body to reclaim Big Boss' comatose body from a Patriots facility.
3. He went into hiding until partway through MGS4, where he contacted Snake with advice and eventually personal aid.

Metal Gear Rising was originally supposed to take place during all this and explore exactly what happened. Kojima couldn't find a way to make it work, though, so he scrapped the idea until Platinum approached him, and tweaked it into the Rising we have now.

As to what parts of Raiden are machines: everything below the upper jaw. He's basically a brain, a pair of eyes, and a magnificent head of hair in a full-machine body. That's why Sam destroying his eye in the prologue pissed him off so much; it's one of the last human parts of him.
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User Info: DEBIAZ

3 years ago#4
Wow, thank you.
(well I have no idea with what your talking about the events that are not in MGR...but I think i get the idea though - it's what the wiki said)
so er....... even his Spinal Cord IS a machine...? wow :/"""
what the..HECK did they do to him.. @_@" (every below his upper jaw is

ah yeah,... well didn't know about the eye (but from the wiki i've been guessing that at least almost his whole head, except the lower jaw his human... not sure about the rest)
what happened to his left eye after Sam slashed it then? (he put some kind of pirate-eye covering? somewhat looking like snake)
did it get replaced? or he just hid it like that .__.?

User Info: R-Taco

3 years ago#5
His eyepatch is a sort of artificial "eye", hooked up to his optic nerve.

User Info: DEBIAZ

3 years ago#6
Can I ask something further?

alienfetucine posted...
Yeah nobody's really sure exactly what the hell happened between the end of MGS2 and Raiden's reappearance in MGS4. What we do know:

1. He left Rose and his kid to save Sunny from the Patriots

why did he did this? (I mean, is it somewhat like he know what's going on with Sunny so he went to rescue her just like what he did with the children brains in this game? or did he know her mother, or umm.....?)

the only thing I know/seen that wasn't MGR related was a scene where Sunny cook some breakfast for Snake (and someone I don't recognize) in a vid (it was a Sunny video compliation or something from YT)
what's going on there? (is that like.. the only scenario where Sunny appeared? of course, talking about non-MGR scenes..... she's kinda interesting to me xD" I'm very interested and like these three characters very much from this game: BladeWolf, Sunny, and Raiden)

User Info: The_DARK_FoX

3 years ago#7
Its heavily hinted at but there was no concrete evidence or confirmation as far as I know, but Raiden knew Sunny's mother and met her in MGS2. He made a promise to her that he would protect her child.

As for leaving Rose and his own child, I'm not too sure on that one. In MGR however, it was because all he was good at is fighting and couldn't fit into normal society that well because of his cyborg enhancements. So he ended up going back to the battlefield to provide for them.
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User Info: F0Xhole

3 years ago#8
Let's backtrack real quick:

The African Outer Heaven Incident

In 1995, an agent from a special forces unit called FOXHOUND infiltrated a military installation known as Outer Heaven. The agent was Solid Snake, a rookie at the time. His objectives were to rescue a fellow FOXHOUNDer named Grey Fox and to destroy a mysterious weapon known only as Metal Gear. Solid Snake received radio support from Big Boss, commander of FOXHOUND. Eventually Snake saved Fox, destroyed Metal Gear (a nuclear-equipped walking battle tank), and discovered that Big Boss was the leader of Outer Heaven. Snake defeated Big Boss and destroyed Outer Heaven.

The ZanzibarLand Incident

Four years later, Snake, still in FOXHOUND and under the command of Roy Campbell, once again infiltrated Outer Heaven, which had risen back to power and was threatening the world with nuclear war. Throughout this mission, it is revealed to Snake that Big Boss had survived, and we learned that Big Boss was using child soldiers. His armies would go into regions, kill the civilians, take the kids, and raise them as soldiers.. creating a continuous cycle of war. It is also shown that the soldier, child and adult, have a great deal of admiration for Big Boss, noting how he saved their lives and truly seems to care for them.

It is around this time that we once again meet Grey Fox, who has allied himself with Big Boss. Snake and Fox were friends, but they fought as enemies, with Snake beating and killing Fox in a fist-fight. Once again, Snake destroys a Metal Gear, confronts Big Boss, beats him, and destroys Outer Heaven before retreating to Alaska to live in solitude. (It is sometime around this period that Snake learns the Big Boss is his father.)

The Shadow Moses Incident

In 2005, Snake is forced out of retirement by Roy Campbell, who himself was called out of retirement to command Snake. An Alaskan nuclear weapons disposal facility was overtaken by FOXHOUND's newest members, with the help of genetically enhanced soliders known as the Genome Army. FOXHOUND was threatening the world with nuclear war, in essence creating new Outer Heaven.

We learn that the leader of FOXHOUND is Liquid Snake, Solid Snake's brother. Liquid's goals are to create a new Outer Heaven and to surpass his father, Big Boss. Snake (for simplicity sake, Solid Snake is known as "Snake", and Liquid Snake is known as "Liquid") discovers that a new type of Metal Gear has been developed by the US government, but it has now been hijacked by FOXHOUND.

Snake eventually confronts and defeats the members of FOXHOUND, one of whom is of particular importance. Revolver Ocelot, an expert with a 6-shooter and a sadistic torturer, fights Snake, but a mysterious robotic ninja intervenes and severs Ocelot's right arm. The ninja disappears shortly after, leaving Snake puzzled.

Snake works his way to meet Hal "Otacon" Emmerich, the developer of Metal Gear, to learn how to destroy it. When he arrives, Otacon is being threatened by the ninja. Snake interrupts, and the two have a fist-fight, as the ninja is fast enough to deflect bullets with his sword. Snake wins again, and the two exchange words before the ninja disappears. Snake realizes now that the ninja was Grey Fox, somehow still alive following the Zanzibarland Incident.

Snake contacts his support unit via Codec (high tech radio), and one of the members, Naomi Hunter, admits she knew of Grey Fox. His was essentially dead after Zanzibarland, but his body was taken and revived for experimentation. His body is covered in an exoskeleton, and his body and mind are weak from years of brutal tests and experiments. Grey Fox seeks death, but he was Snake to "free" him.


User Info: DEBIAZ

3 years ago#9
o.o"! ohooooo thank you very much!
(i'll continue to read the next post)

a bit confusing since there's so much characters mentioned @_@" (but i've heard of them constantly, whenever MGS games are raised)

dun really care about spoilers (I don't care about MGS anymore, until this game came out!), so go on xD"

User Info: F0Xhole

3 years ago#10

Eventually Snake is captured and imprisoned, and he speaks more with Naomi. She struggles to understand why Snake, a cold blooded killer, would go out of his way to save Meryl Silverburgh, a female soldier detained by FOXHOUND and Roy Campbell's niece/illegitimate daughter). She learns of Snake killing Big Boss, his father, and she is shocked that he was so easily able to kill his family. She is also shocked to learn that Snake considered Fox a friend, not completely understanding that their role as soldiers on opposite sides did nothing to hurt their bond with one another.

We also learn, as the story progresses, that Naomi had a brother who had passed away. That brother turned out to be Grey Fox, and she took the job as medical adviser during this incident in order to get close to Snake. She is an expert in nanotechnology, and she created something called FoxDie, which essentially reads a person's genetic structure and triggers a heart attack if it matches with pre-determined sequences. She was ordered to inject Snake with FoxDie, and it was programmed to be spread by close contact to kill everyone involved in the incident - - FOXHOUND, the hostages, and Snake himself. Essentially, the US was ensuring that everyone would die just by Snake getting close to them. But she changed it at the last moment so that it wouldn't trigger after a set time with Snake; instead, it was randomized so that he would live under constant fear of death.

Snake got out of imprisonment and again confronted Liquid. Liquid informs him that he and Snake are both clones of Big Boss, genetically identical to each other. Liquid, however, received recessive genes while Solid got the dominant ones, and this prompted Liquid's hate for Big Boss.

Eventually Snake defeats Metal Gear with the help of Fox, who sacrifices his life to save Snake. He fights and defeats a seemingly immortal Liquid, until Liquid suddenly dies of a heart attack.. which should have killed Snake as well. At this time, Naomi had already been taken into custody for her actions, but she tells Snake to just live and that his will, not his genes, determine his fate.

Snake, Otacon, and Meryl all survive the incident.

The Tanker Incident

Snake and Otacon are working together in a group called Philanthropy, an anti-Metal Gear organization. Revolver Ocelot had survived the Shadow Moses incident and leaked data about Metal Gear across the globe. Now every industrialized nation has their own version of Metal Gear.

Snake is infiltrating a tanker traveling through New York's Hudson River due to reports of a new Metal Gear unit. The unit, Metal Gear Ray (similar to the one in Metal Gear Rising) is an anti-Metal Gear machine, designed solely by the US Marines to destroy other Metal Gears.

Once onboard, the tanker is seized by Russian terrorists, and Snake must make his way through to take photos of Metal Gear to leak to the world. Along the way, he confronts Olga Gurlukovich, the pregnant daughter of the terrorists' commander, and leaves her unconscious. At this time, a cypher unit (remote, flying surveillance unit) is seen snapping photos of Snake.

Snake gets to the holds of the Tanker where the Metal Gear is housed, along with a ton of Marines. After Snake succeeds in taking photos and leaking them, Ocelot appears and kills Scott Dolph, the Marine commander onboard the tanker, kills the Gurlukovich commander, steals Metal Gear Ray, and destroys the tanker, leaving Snake to drown in the harbor.

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