Sam S rank question

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User Info: Aoshi_Knives

3 years ago#1
Last night I no damaged him got the two nano pastes with a combo of about 20 got an A. Do i need to hit his hand at the end in order to get more points for the S rank?

Beat him under three minutes as well by using perfect parry.

Not sure what i am doing wrong gotten an A a few times but can't seem to get the S.

***okay so i think its my BP that is messing up my score i have 0/5 nano repair so when I pick up the two its not giving me points or am i wrong?

Where is a good place to get quick easy pastes?

User Info: Raeng

3 years ago#2
You only get BP if your NANO is at 5/5 or 10/10 depending on your suit : )
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User Info: warrenmats

3 years ago#3
I Srank him in all difficulties.

All I did was get no damage, and get a combo of about 40+. Time matters too, but just use infinite ripper mode + fully upgraded pincer blades.
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User Info: Aoshi_Knives

3 years ago#4
Finally got the S went back to go get nanopaste in R-01. It was horrible how badly I sucked today took me 50 minutes to do it.

One more chapter to go for all S ^.^

User Info: MurphysGhost

3 years ago#5
^ Good luck!
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