Happy birthday MGR:R!

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User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

3 years ago#1
It's already been a year since this fantastic game was released.

nanomachines, son!
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User Info: Raeng

3 years ago#2
Indeed it is! This day a year ago is when my life took an unexpected turn; I was suddenly married to a piece of software like never before.
Here's to Metal Gear Rising, and to many more years of awesome gameplay!

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User Info: The_Ivory_Man

3 years ago#3
Really? Wow. It's amazing how much fun I've had with Rising.
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User Info: The Rogue Cobra

The Rogue Cobra
3 years ago#4
Oh damn, I forgot about that.

Happy Birthday Rising! No other game lets me toss Ray around like garbage.

Aw, poor Ray. Haha.
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User Info: MurphysGhost

3 years ago#5
Wow, time flies. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite games this gen. Hell, ever. Most original hack n slash action game in years.

I certainly hope a sequel is announced before MGR turns two. ;)
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User Info: b_zai_ge_ge

3 years ago#6
wish they would release the preorder goodies on psn for us. been so long
PSN : bjaigorgor
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User Info: Nogaham

3 years ago#7
If they do decide to churn out a sequel, I hope next time they don't screw up the camera and the targetting as badly.

User Info: megasoniczxx

3 years ago#8
I know its kind of late now but happy b-day MGR, best purchase to make after turning in an incredibly bad one (looking at you paper mario sticker star) and thanks for all the memories.
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User Info: DeepThroat0

3 years ago#9
A year and they still haven't released the DLC costumes...
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User Info: gamestop27

3 years ago#10
DeepThroat0 posted...
A year and they still haven't released the DLC costumes...

Came to post this. I'll give them 2-3 more months before I decide to buy the Japanese special edition.
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