in your opininon- wich metal gear character has/had the hardest life? (SPOILERS)

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  3. in your opininon- wich metal gear character has/had the hardest life? (SPOILERS)

User Info: MetalGearDogma

3 years ago#1
from the very first part of the series till today.

and to make this topic less sad
what is the funniest part ever for you?
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User Info: Althalus2013

3 years ago#2
I'd say that Snake probably had the hardest life. While one could argue Chico or Paz because of all the stuff in Ground Zeroes, I don't really think it counts because they're not really "main" characters and a lot of it was probably thrown in for the sake of darkness.

The funniest moment for me was the cutscene after EXCELSUS. I can't decide a single funniest moment, but I've narrowed it down to two.

1. Armstrong kicking Raiden and the imaginary crowd cheering.
2. "You're not greedy -- you're bat-s*** insane!"
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User Info: AtumReign

3 years ago#3
I don't think snakes life was really all that hard. At least not until MGS4. He was a soldier and did soldier things. An incredibly good soldier but still. Not anything particularly harder than anyone else in the series.

As far as characters who have gone through the most physical and/or emotional turmoil throughout the majority of their life, Grey Fox springs to mind. Raiden too. Big Boss certainly. As well as the entire Beauty and The Beast Corps. It's hard to say who has suffered the most. they have all suffered terribly in their own unique and individual ways.

The funniest moments for me come from the various codec calls snake and big boss have had where they discuss various silly things they're doing. Being in a cardboard box, wearing a tuxedo in a battlefield, eating knockout mushrooms and passing out in an enemy stronghold lol. The codec calls have always held the most humor for me.

User Info: Pinochet89

3 years ago#4
I think these characters are who suffered most:

Gray Fox - His life was 100% in war,he was captured many many times during the battlefield and was a guinnea pig to the Patriots until his escape and being finally put to rest in a gruesome way. Not to mention the fact he killed Naomi's parents and had nightmares about them from that moment on.

Solid Snake - He was create for the battlefield and never had a family to love him (except when he started to live with Otacon and Sunny). Even after MGS4 ending, he had very little time to spend a peaceful life (considering the accelerated aging) and never got a chance to have a normal life like most people.

Big Boss - no comments... One of the more tragic characters i"ve ever seen.

Raiden - He lost his parents at a young age, never recovered of his experiences in war, and in MGR, he finally accepted his inner nature of a person who likes to kill (making him no better than his enemies). Not to mention the ending of MGR implied that Raiden will never be in peace outside of the battlefield, which is a very sad thing considering his wife, son, friends and Sunny will seen him as a warrior in a war without end.

The Beauty and The Beast Corps: Simply horrible what they spent in their lives.

Funniest moments:

Big Boss speaking about his belief on Santa Claus.

Many codec conversations in MGS3.

Armstrong kicking Raiden like a ball.

"You're bat-s*** insane!" line.

"They played us like a damn fiddle! - line

Big Boss talking about his nightmare with the codec crew (MGS3).

User Info: Balloon-Girl

3 years ago#5
Johnny Sasaki. Nonstop flus and pooping everywhere.
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User Info: LuluCross

3 years ago#6
monsoon's neighbors
i bet monsoon kept them up all night from his constant monologues about memes

User Info: PT_Piranha

3 years ago#7
LuluCross posted...
monsoon's neighbors
i bet monsoon kept them up all night from his constant monologues about memes

Ah yes. The true victims of Desperado.
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User Info: Dragoon_Kail

3 years ago#8
mm, going by the entire lives? I'd have to say Raiden off the top of my head, child soldier forced to do horrific things, treated as an expendible commodity and then manipulated by the patriots til their destruction. Leaving him with a self desctructive personality & a multiple personality (along with some serious ptsd) and getting stuck in a cyborg body ontop of it, rough start to finish.

Snake was never shown as a child soldier, he had presumibly a military school esc upbringing, in mgs1 he mentions being raised by alot of people, so that indicates there were people with him along his life, of course finding out your a faulty clone that was sent to kill your clone daddy & destined to die young is a bummer, but post metal gear 2 he just chillaxed up in alaska & later on voluntarily joined otacon's cause of stopping metal gears, events in his life were tragic, but not the entirity of his life. Same for Big Boss, pre mgs 3 he seemed like any other soldier, outside his uhm, "bond" with the boss
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User Info: Dragoon_Kail

3 years ago#9
As for the supporting cast & antagonists? there's a ton of gaps in their lives to really make a judgement call on whose life sucked the most, technicly the beauty & the beasts unti had it the worst, since their only backstory was their horrofic childhoods that left them all completely broken into adulthood. The Boss is up there too just with getting screwed over her entire life, but i dunno just lacks alot of the ongoing horroficness of raiden & the B&B's.

Funniest moment in lives has far too many to ever pick just one.
"This is good, isn't it?" .....*cries* it is good is good~! ; ;

User Info: The_Ivory_Man

3 years ago#10
Just saying Chico from Ground Zeroes/ Peace Walker

OBVIOUS Peace Walker/Ground Zeroes SPOILERS

Chico a 12 year old child soldier of the FSLN is first seen trying to experiment with drugs his parents are long dead and his old sister does not care about him at all considering him almost a burden. He's kidnapped and tortured breaking under pain afterwords he contemplates suicide before finding a home in MSF. Then his crush (Paz) is actually a spy who double crosses them. He then on a attempt to recover her scales 60 miles of mountains in under two days, sneaks into Guantanamo Bay and actually makes it to Paz before he is discovered. Following this he is systematically beaten, tortured, and even raped over a period of a couple days to the point where he's broken until his rescue. Then following this he watches his home burn and nearly all of his friends killed. His father figure will end up in a coma for years.

And we have yet to see him in Phantom Pain.

Other characters have had rough and terrible lives but Chico beats them out In my opinion.
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  3. in your opininon- wich metal gear character has/had the hardest life? (SPOILERS)

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