How to program a plane / Jet in Kodu Game Lab

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User Info: GSPgreases

6 years ago#1
Making a plane control well can be tough. Now mine wont deal with settings but only the controls. Settings you should apply on your own like turning speed etc.


Page 1:
WHEN: Press R trigger, DO: Move Quicky + Quickly + Quickly

WHEN: Press R stick + Right, DO: Turn + Right
WHEN: Press R stick + Left, DO: Turn + Left

WHEN: Press L stick + Up, DO: Move + UP + Quickly
WHEN: Press L stick + Down, DO: Move + Down + Quickly

WHEN: Press A, DO: Shoot + Blips + Foward
WHEN: Press L trigger: DO: Shoot + Missiles + Down

WHEN: Press B, DO: Shoot + Missiles + Level
WHEN: Press X, DO: Switch + page 2 (If you want heetseaking missiles aka lock on shooting available)

Page: 2
1st you must have
WHEN: See + Kodu/whatever bots, DO shoot Missilie Once
DO Switch to page 1

Copy the 1st page program on to the second page so controls work on page 2. But the top 2 things listed above have to be 1st on the 2nd page.

A few things you can edit is missile/Blimp speed & their color . And if you want to get real indepth you can make fuel gauge. Just make the score board a couple hundred or thousand points & have it reduce every couple seconds. And you bump Hearts to get a quick refuel that gains the points back.

Now go out there and make some stealth milatry flying games, star wars etc

In a upcoming patch a cross hair will be implemented
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  3. How to program a plane / Jet in Kodu Game Lab

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