heavy Armor capes?

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User Info: X1kes

6 years ago#1
I have only seen heavy armor caps in the beginning of the game. Now that i can actually wear heavy armor where are all the capes? anyone know where i might be able to get one?

User Info: brozz

6 years ago#2
All items pop randomly in chests and with NPC vendors. Its purely luck of the draw as to where you find things. I do think its loosely based on your level, but I may be mistaken about that.

User Info: ChickenChaser

6 years ago#3
I too used to see them all over the place early on - and now that I'm around level 21 or so, they are nowhere to be found. I actually kept one in my inventory from the very beginning hoping to get some heavy armor early on - didn't get to wear it until Light Elven started showing up in stores...
It's a pretty cool looking cape, but the stats are garbage, and now I cant find another one -

I swear I saw a dozen of them all over before I reached Hatmandor - since then - I've only seen a handful of robe surcoats, and nothing for armor.

User Info: LoBoKhan03

6 years ago#4
wait 5 minutes and check the store again, inventory at stores changes pretty quick, not sure on the exact time, but I know 5 minutes is enough. took me about eight tries, but I found the skill book for overdraw, but I did :) with enough patience you can find anything you need at a store it seems.
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User Info: TraitorJ

6 years ago#5
Once you get to level 18 (which, ironically, is when you can start wearing heavy armor) the capes seem to vanish from the vendors., dues to a programming error, or an oversight. This applies to both single and multiplayer. So if you're just starting out in single player, buy any that you see and hang on to them. As for multiplayer, you could trade with people for them or buy them early too i suppose.
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User Info: Orly-san

6 years ago#6

Im lvl 25 with my online character and so far I havent come across any heavy armor cloak in stores or in chests online and offline I see them at stores very often even though Im lvl 15 wich seems kinda wierd lol

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