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User Info: B1ueMoonDragon

5 years ago#1

So I just noticed that there's a new BF icon on the lower right hand corner of my Windows taskbar called ESN Sonar. I didn't have it there after applying the patch. If I right click it, there are microphone options. Does this mean that ingame squad VOIP is working?

User Info: Timbermaw

5 years ago#2
Oh yes i noticed that in the windows install/remove programs. Are you sure it's not for the party voip?

User Info: B1ueMoonDragon

5 years ago#3

I have no clue. Probably party VOIP since it says Battlelog.

User Info: Acinath

5 years ago#4
It's the same party chat that's always been there. It works off of the battlelog page not anything in game.

User Info: veralece

5 years ago#5
That's been there since before the patch.

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