360 Controller support?

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User Info: UFCharley

6 years ago#1
Hey guys, I was wondering if this game will support a Xbox 360 controller. I may get it on xbox, but since this will be a clearly superior version, I want to get it on PC too, the only thing is, using a keyboard hurts my fingers when playing and a controller doesnt. Do you think there will be support for the controller as well as some controller only servers so I dont get destroyed by you guys on the mouse?
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User Info: WolfAlmighty

6 years ago#2
You may be able to get a controller to work using something like JoyToKey but I doubt there'll be native support for it since looking around is always hard-coded to use the mouse. In any case, there won't be controller-only servers.

User Info: aak57

6 years ago#3
No idea about controller support, but one thing I'd recommend you try is using the controller in your left hand to move and whatnot, and just using a mouse with your right hand to aim. May be awkward at first, but at least then you won't have the aiming disadvantage.

Personally, I hope it at least has the ability to map controller inputs in the menu like BC2 did, since I like using a controller to fly helicopters.

User Info: UFCharley

6 years ago#4
How about a joystick for movement, would that work?
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User Info: EatShanna

6 years ago#5
"using a keyboard hurts my fingers"

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User Info: Unavailable

6 years ago#6
I hope is does, just so I can use mine for piloting helis/jets.

Piloting an air vehicle without joystick/controller of some sort = "oh god how did this get here im not good with helis"
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User Info: Prayer_Police

6 years ago#7
After hearing about the professional development of connecting the Kinect to the PC, I want to play FPS' by pointing my finger at my monitor and shouting, "PEW PEW PEW!!!"
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User Info: ImperialDragon

6 years ago#8
If this game plays anything like BF2 you're going to get destroyed using a 360 controller. Do some finger exercises or something?
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User Info: Nebslox

6 years ago#9
If this game plays anything like BF2 you're going to get destroyed using a 360 controller.

^That. Using a controller to play against people using a kb/m will put you at a huge disadvantage.

Anyway, if you really want to try it, you should use Xpadder. Joy2Key just doesn't work well enough to use for an FPS.

User Info: royic

6 years ago#10
Mouse users will destroy you and not to mention there's no auto aim which you will be used to for using a controller.
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