How to check your fps?

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User Info: Strike_Zero

6 years ago#1
How do I check how much fps I get in the game?
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User Info: ibanez_rocker06

6 years ago#2
Download Fraps and run it while playing a game.
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User Info: XFactorSentinel

6 years ago#3
use a program like Fraps.

User Info: steker16

6 years ago#4
right now fraps is the only way, someone from dice did tweet a few days ago that there will be command in game to do it, in the full release version

User Info: Th3irdEyeBlind

6 years ago#5
I use the MSI Afterburner On-Screen Display. Let's me tweak exactly what info I can see. Right now I'm monitoring GPU usage and temps for both of my cards as well as FPS while I play.

User Info: theonlysamurai

6 years ago#6
EVGA Precision is what I use. Pretty sure you need an EVGA card though.
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