Jet control tips?

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User Info: TheExileJedi

6 years ago#1
To stop those like me from wasting a good jet, how about we educate them howto properly fly the damn thing? Is it better with the keyboard or the mouse controls? what's the best camera angle? how can you keep on the tail of a jet really well?

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User Info: BlackMantis

6 years ago#2
I had better luck using the mouse in past BF games.

However, I was not an expert in BF jet flying. I could get it out the door, fly it around for a while, getting a few kills on the ground, but would still get the occasional crash.

Some people were really great at it, but from what I've seen in games, they are far and few.

It seemed like a lot of people just crashed the things before they got them off the runways. I can't tell you how many times I and 4-5 teammates died at once in 2142 from people who simply couldn't fly transport ships.

User Info: Decoy77

6 years ago#3
wire 360 controller makes it easy to control.
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User Info: bruffy87

6 years ago#4
Is it similar controls to bf2?
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6 years ago#5
During takeoff roll, pull back when the speed indicator (the numbers on the left side) says about 180 or so. I'm not entirely sure on what the rotate speed is for the jets but it seems to be around there. However, if the screen starts shaking, it's your indication to get that bird in the air.

The mouse controls the ailerons and elevator (pitch of the aircraft), W and S controls the thrust of the engines and A/D controls the rudders. Ailerons are used primarily to turn the airplane. The rudder controls the yaw of the plane, meaning wherever the nose is pointed. In real life, you're supposed to use both ailerons and rudders when turning to keep turns smooth and coordinated; I've had no problems controlling the aircraft using this method.

Now, when you're in a dogfight, you obviously want to get behind the other aircraft. I'm not a fighter pilot or anything but I've found that whoever has the altitude usually wins so try and gain as much altitude without too much of a speed loss as possible. Don't fly straight and level; you want to be unpredictable and leave the enemy guessing on where to lead his gun sights, especially when he's right behind your ass.

There really is no point in landing because you hardly have any control of the aircraft on the ground, not to mention the way the map/runway is designed in the game makes landings very difficult. I don't think it's possible to turn the aircraft when on the ground; if you can, it's very bad.

I also want to mention it's virtually impossible to stall the airplane in the game (meaning the wings don't get enough lift and you pretty much fall out of the sky). The aircraft pretty much hovers off the ground if you fly slow.

I'm not going to cover ground attack because I haven't really done much of it but it does help to fly over your target (if possible) and come straight into your target at mediumish airspeed.

That's all the advice I can give you from my limited experience flying planes in BF3; just practice, practice, practice, even though it's difficult since DICE doesn't let you hop onto empty servers and fly. Once you understand the controls, it'll get easier
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User Info: kallas48

6 years ago#6
Today i have tried 3 contol schemes for the jets.

First was Keyboard and mouse combo which got me no where and would crash within first minute of flying.

Then tried a joystick which was even worse as id just crash at the end of the run way.

Then i tried JUST keyboard using the W,A,S,D keys and the Up,Down,Left,.Right keys for movement and the space bar to fire weapons and now can keep a jet airbourne untill someone shoots me down eventually.

However tomorrow im getting a Xbox 360 controller (cant get ps3 to work) which will make flying alot easier at least in the choppers if not the jets aswell.

User Info: Link_AJ

6 years ago#7
See my topic
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User Info: Erik212

6 years ago#8
I have a 360 controller but I have to say that I prefer m&k. Also, unless you go anti-jet mode in the helicopters, no amount of better input will let you survive the barrage of AA that will shoot you down.
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User Info: Benjamin_Button

6 years ago#9

From: Link_AJ | #007
See my topic

This video explains nothing about better jet handling. Thanks for nothing.
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