How do I voicechat

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User Info: fobthug

5 years ago#1
In Battlfield 2 you used to hold down a button to speak to SQUAD/TEAM/EVERYBODY.
I can't find voicechat in Battlfield 3.

Can someone help?
I only see a microphone button on the startpage (battlelog).

User Info: Josobu

5 years ago#2
BF3 does not have a VOIP built into the game (yet)

User Info: WesternHaikus1

5 years ago#3
You have to start a voice chat in battlelog with some friends before entering the server. There is no in-game VoIP, which is lame.

User Info: jurassic1024

5 years ago#4

wtf, i thought DICE said default voice chat was set to your whole team. I haven't replaced my broken headset so i have not tried voice in BF3 yet.


User Info: KillZUM

5 years ago#5
Battlelog is only capable of providing VOIP within an established party structure. So if you'd like to use the built in voip, form a party before joining a game and then join as a party.

Yes, it's pretty pathetic to have zero voip outside of parties,...but i'm pretty sure that the overall goal was to beat MW3 to release and certain sacrifices needed to be made in order to achieve that goal.
"See you Space Cowboy..."
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