Stinger/SA-18 IGLA Anti-Air Missiles - best way to use them?

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User Info: keyvenx

6 years ago#1
Yeah I know it may sound obvious, but how do i make the most effective use of anti-air missiles? Are there any specific situations where they have the highest chance of scoring a hit?

Is there a cooldown for flares so I can shoot them after they used it? It seems the chopperes and planes have unlimited flares and the missiles are useless against any pilots who are not brain-dead.

- Go after helis or planes?
- If I see a missile in flight after my target, do I wait till he activates flares, then shoot?
- Is it better to be as close as possible to my target?

User Info: lycon7000

6 years ago#2
9/10 times you wont take out a jet unless its a lucky hit or a dumb pilot,
Heli's are the same story, no way ur gonna hit a good pilot unlessss with some luck
And flares do have a cooldown but its laughable low, by the time u have a lockon again flares will be off CD. So as an engineer take the javelin or RPG AT-mines and rack up points that way and dont bother with heli's/jets unless u have a friend with you with a stinger aswel and get some teamwork to take them down!

User Info: Acturas

6 years ago#3
The best way is to use them in teams of two. Though realistically your better off praying that the pilot is horrible as they can either easily dodge the missile, use flares, or outrun the missile with their afterburners until their flares recharge.
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User Info: KillZUM

6 years ago#4
I don't really bother with the stinger too often anymore unless the opposing team has a really good chopper or A-10/Frogfoot jet pilot b/c otherwise it's just not worth the time to sit around firing stingers off at targets you're likely to have a hard time connecting with in the first place. There are really only 2 basic principles behind using the stinger at this point in the game since so many people have already having leveled their jets/choppers to pickup flares, stealth, extinguishers etc; timing your shot and trying to trick the pilots into dumping flares early.

Speaking in general, you never want to just whip out the stinger and fire it off at someone randomly b/c that's going to result in a miss almost every time unless that pilot just started flying. If that person isn't already engaged in a dog fight of some kind, your can bet they'll just dump a flare after you fire the stinger and they should be able to use another flare before you can reload your stinger, re-acquire the lock-on, fire at them again and allow the missile actually reach its target.

What you want to do is get your targets pilot to dump his flares prematurely before you even fire your missile b/c if the missile is in the air and those flares get dumped; you're going to miss regardles of how many individual missiles are targeting that pilots vehicle. Try holding the lock-on for a bit before you actually fire the missile and exercise some patience b/c a lot of people will panic and dump flares early when they're targeted for a long period of time and it can be difficult for the pilot to distinguish between multiple enemies acquiring a lock-on from different angles or locations. If you can trick them into using flares early, your missile will hit just about every time.

The closer you are, the less time it takes for your missile to reach its target and that means the pilot in question won't have as much time for his flares to be off cooldown or attempt a turning manuever in an attempt to avoid the missiles proximity explosion. The only drawback to this is that firing off a stinger missile makes it blindingly obvious to the enemy as to your whereabouts, so it's not recommended if you're in enemy territory.
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User Info: suiciderx

6 years ago#5
The job of the Stinger/Igla in BF3 is not to destroy enemy aircraft, but to disturb their operation.
Best way is to lock on to a jet and don't shoot the missile. Watch as noobs try to perform evasive maneuvers and kill themselves in the process.
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User Info: King_of_donkeys

6 years ago#7

From: KillZUM | #004
a lot of people will panic and dump flares early when they're targeted for a long period of time

No. This never happens. No-one's going to do it.
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User Info: WesternHaikus1

6 years ago#8
suiciderx posted...
The job of the Stinger/Igla in BF3 is not to destroy enemy aircraft, but to disturb their operation.

Someone who understands!

I manage to shoot down an average of one helocopter/jet per game when I pack my stinger. That one kill usually results in 300+ points, sometimes 500 or more. It also really helps the team by disrupting enemy aircraft attacks.

User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
6 years ago#9
You really shouldn't be able to shoot down aircraft by yourself.

If the pilot is dumb though, he'll use flares before you even fire a rocket. They're pretty much begging to get shot down.

User Info: KaiserWarrior

6 years ago#10
"You really shouldn't be able to shoot down aircraft by yourself."

Then you really shouldn't be able to fly and gun an aircraft by yourself.

Oh wait.

@TC: The best way to use Stinger/IGLA is to forget they exist and use the Mobile AA instead. If the pilot is not completely braindead you will not ever land a manpad AA missile hit on them. Flares are insanely overpowered, they work 100% of the time even against multiple missiles launched at different times, and combined with Stealth they're reloaded and ready to go by the time a follow-up missile can be readied. The only way to get hit is to be a baddie and dump your flares before you hear the obvious launch tone, or to have multiple enemies with weapons that literally cannot attack anything but you, specifically, working together in tight coordination (one firing to get the flares dumped, another two to hold off until the flare dump and then re-acquire and launch for the kill, a single missile will never kill you).

And since no team should be stupid enough to waste three people to take down one person, you're basically invincible if you're any good in the air and the map doesn't have a mobile AA.
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