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User Info: jhon9728

6 years ago#1
hi i recently bought Red Orchestra 2 and am in beta, however the server list does not show any games no matter how many times i hit refresh. I managed to join a friends game once but that is the only way i've found to get into a game. It says 2000 people are online so there shoulds be some servers. Anyone else got this or know a fix?

User Info: Obsessed117

6 years ago#2
Make sure all filters are off then try hitting refresh all.

Most people stopped having problems with the browser once the patch came out.
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User Info: jhon9728

6 years ago#3
they are off, i also get this error in steam when i start up "Please exit any running games or tools before attempting to verify you game cache"

User Info: Dragoon of Fire

Dragoon of Fire
6 years ago#4
I had the same problem..easy fix, wait until the connecting... is gone in the middle of the screen. Then click Server Browser and wait for about 5 seconds. It loads a regular list.

I thought a game restart was needed everytime but no. Just let the Connecting... disappear in the middle of the screen then hit Server Browser. Works fine :)


6 years ago#5
OR, you can use this fix:
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User Info: F57

6 years ago#6
I'm having the same problem except the only games that are showing up are games that are empty even though there's almost 2000 people playing. I've been able to play the game fine for the past week up until now. The only way I can get into a game is by clicking on the recently played list, and finding a server that I played on before.

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