absolutely cannot beat shao kahn with liu kang

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User Info: SenorGauntlet

6 years ago#1
...on normal. I've never been bad at fighting games, and I've always been pretty good at MK. I don't get it. I just cannot beat him. I tried the advice I found on here - i.e. spam low fireballs, if he gets in close, xray, but my fireballs don't do s*** and he gets close a lot more frequently than my xray gets full. He also usually corners me. I die because he spams spears + hammers at me constantly. I usually duck under the spears, but can't react in time to jump the hammers, if I plan on attacking at all.

What do
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User Info: VayneSolo

6 years ago#2
Change character? Liu Kang sucks, by the way.

User Info: Rawe

6 years ago#3
A cheap way to beat him, with any character, is land a combo on him, then before he jumps up, immediately get over to where he is and jump over him. Than do another fast combo on him, repeat.
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User Info: Nafzger

6 years ago#4
You've been told what to do. Utilize those tips. If they don't work, give up. That's what I do.
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User Info: Mienaikage

6 years ago#5
Use high fireballs instead, faster recovery so if you do a fireball and he does a spear at the same time you recover in time to duck again.

If you can't jump the hammers at full screen I'm afraid you're just going to have to practice.
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User Info: Aavalon

6 years ago#6
Fullscreen fireballs, short range bicycle. Either when he taunts. Should be able to manage it on normal

User Info: Graif_R89

6 years ago#7
I don't main liu kang, but I didn't have a lot of trouble with him beating Shao Kahn. For most characters, jumping over kahn sometimes leaves him open to a combo/attack. This is a good opening for a bicyle kick/combo to add to the fireball spamming. Hope it helps.

User Info: ScottsProgz

6 years ago#8
When I get desperate to beat him I spam Flying Kick, Bicycle Kick. i mostly use flying kick, if he taunts or if you got a good feeling go for bicycle otherwise flying kick if he blocks it i instantly go for upper cut and if its a good idea ill throw in a jumping kick or 2
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User Info: irishdude199210

6 years ago#9
In the words of Shao Kahn "You Suck!" haha sorry :P lol

Here's by far the best way to beat him, disregard the other things you've read. Press 'Triangle', 'Square', then 'X'- this results in him bouncing off the floor from the third hit, after doing that combo 3 times finish with an uppercut. Ridiculously easy spam combo that does 10 hits and a good amount of damage. I used this, beat him first try.

User Info: Totally_Skilled

6 years ago#10
I guess I got lucky with the low fireballs. Every time I would do the move he would throw the hammer at me and I would automatically duck because of it. lol
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