Performing Babalities on Kintaro/Goro (confirmed somewhat)

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  3. Performing Babalities on Kintaro/Goro (confirmed somewhat)

User Info: mdk2000

6 years ago#1
You do not have to do inputs after you defeat them, rather you need to meet some prerequisites:

(a) Play Medium or higher difficulty
(b) You can lose a round but not a match, i.e. no retry/continues
(c) Does not matter if you transform Shang Tsung into a baby when he is morphed into other characters
(d) Do not successfully block the opponent's attack in the deciding round, successful blocking negates Babalities
(e) Perform Babalities/Fatalities on all opponents, there is a minimum number of Babalities that needs to be done, but I have yet to determine it.

Anyone who has time to determine the minimum number for the last point, please let me know.

I came to that conclusion because I have done a stage fatality on the first ladder and subsequent Babalities on the proceeding ladders and still manage to perform the Babality on Kintaro/Goro

Spoilers (Kintaro/Goro Babalities described)

Kintaro's Babality

He turns into a kitten (?) and drinks milk from a dish

Goro's Babality

He plays/claps with his four hands and accidentally slaps himself and cries

User Info: Arnulf

6 years ago#2
You also babality Shao Khan.

User Info: mdk2000

6 years ago#3
What are the requirements for Shao?

User Info: Freak_Show

6 years ago#4
confirmed is old
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  3. Performing Babalities on Kintaro/Goro (confirmed somewhat)

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