wtf? Cyber Sub-Zero vs Goro AND Kintaro!!

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  3. wtf? Cyber Sub-Zero vs Goro AND Kintaro!!

User Info: DeathMage

6 years ago#11
Are you kidding? That was one of my favorite fights.

It's a shame you can't go back and choose your fight after you beat story mode. I'd love to replay that one. :)
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User Info: N3V4N5

6 years ago#12
I did that fight in one go, it's not too bad but that's mainly because of the HP reduction.
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User Info: DaMan20

6 years ago#13
I hate these cheap bosses, their xray moves are WAY overpowered, i am beating the hell out of them and one does its x-ray move (even when i jump away from it they still get me) and BAM, 80% of my health gone and i lose... |-(
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User Info: Toasty_Kabal

6 years ago#14
Dive kicks owns in that fight. Especially with Goro, seeing as a lot of his moves can't hit you in the air.

User Info: Howard_C_Neal

6 years ago#15
Play on the easiest setting. It's not hard.

User Info: Maniac_Cobra

6 years ago#16
I didn't think the fight was that hard tbh
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User Info: king_gimpy

6 years ago#17
Jump over, land punch, uppercut, repeat for easy win.
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User Info: TruePrime

6 years ago#18
I found that to be the easiest fight of all the 1 V 2's.

Honestly I just jumped bopped them on the head and then upper cut them into oblivion.
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  3. wtf? Cyber Sub-Zero vs Goro AND Kintaro!!

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