The Newest Mortal Kombat (9) Tier List

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User Info: FireflyV_ONE

6 years ago#11
Musashi920 posted...

Although I've never really seen Rain, Sektor, Sindel, Skarlet, Baraka and Stryker in a tournament to see if their placement in the tiers are justified I agree with pretty much everything else... Is there a link to the explanations as to what characters are bad match ups for each?



Rain's pressure game is amazingly good, but he's unsafe in most of the things he does, so his placement is good where it is.
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User Info: m2dave

6 years ago#12
As far as Nightwolf goes, he has bad match ups against most S tier characters and some A+ characters too, which includes Freddy, Jax, Johnny Cage, Reptile, Sonya, and Liu Kang. I did not believe that Nightwolf was low mid tier either, but the bad match ups just kept on accumulating. Again, his problems definitely revolve around good low pokes and/or constant rush down. For example, he has one of the worst fireballs in the game. It is difficult for him to keep characters away, and high level players have learned to combo punish whiffed shoulder charges.
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User Info: FadedDoody

6 years ago#13
I get what your saying and i agree but the reason Smoke is so high is because of his combo resets. I think Perfectlegend was showing smoke to have 80% combos with his Ex Smoke Bomb.

The F4 reset can go way over 100%. Though 80% is the minimum for one EX bomb. I wouldn't say Smoke was placed uber high just for that though. This is a reset that requires precise timing and meter, so it can't be frequently used if you opponent has a breaker.

Smoke is currently a character with untapped potential who I believe is definitely in the top 10. I do, however, disagree that he's S-tier. He has more than 2 bad matchups...
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User Info: Rapham0n

6 years ago#14
Am I dreaming here or does that list not look right at all???
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User Info: XDarkLordX

6 years ago#15
Mileena and Rain :D
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User Info: loogiedrop

6 years ago#16
  From: AnimasPain2006 | Posted: 10/29/2011 7:32:48 PM
    Yeah ...

First, it seems like the entire bottom half of this list is "derp derp. I dunno where to put these characters. Let's make them low tier!"

My major problems are with Nightwolf and Skarlet.
- I do NOT think Nightwolf is S tier. In fact, I never have. Even in my old lists when the pros were calling him top 5, I listed him in the middle of A tier. Putting him in C tier and saying he has 9-10 bad match-ups is ridiculous to me. He struggles with Cyrax, Kabal, Kitana, Liu kang, Mileena, Reptile, and maybe Rain. Even so, these are 4-6s at worst. He has NO horrible matchups (worse than 4-6).
- Skarlet is a character that hasn't been played competitively by anyone yet. However, she has so many tools, I can't imagine her much lower than A tier either. I don't know personally about this one as I dont play Skarlet, but I've played against enough to know that this just feels wrong.

In no way should Jade by a spot lower than Sindel ... what are these bad match-ups for Jade? I played Jade quite heavily until recently (Sick of dropped inputs), and in my opinion, she goes 5-5 with most of the cast. She also dominates Noob and Sindel with Kenshi and Raiden being her only horrible matchups. I do think she is bottom tier, but there's no way she's lower than Sindel. Sindel has almost no good match-ups aside from Reptile, and I'd say that ALL of the following are bad for her: Cyrax, Jade, Johnny Cage, Kabal, Kitana, Kung Lao, Mileena, Noob, Quan Chi, Raiden, Rain, Smoke. That's 12, and for the life of me, I cant understand how anyone would find any of these in her favor.

Smoke is good, but to put him in S tier is jumping the gun. This was, most likely, due to the dash nerf (zoning became more powerful and the quick movement of smoke port is a godsend), but, imo, it's not enough to catapult him to S tier. At all. He's good. I'd put him in A tier for sure, but an S tier character should be above the rest of the cast and a real dominating force. Smoke does not fit this description, imo.

Mileena ... I think Kabal and Mileena are the two best characters in the game and have since the first Kung Lao nerf. I've been saying it for months, but Mileena is highly punishable and involves a very high amount of high risk-high reward tactics. For this reason, I often put her in A tier.

Having said all that, I think the rest is pretty much spot on.

AnimasPain read my mind, spot on
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User Info: Insider2000

6 years ago#17
Link, por favor.
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User Info: Atropis_Orth

6 years ago#18
I'm just coming back from not playing for a while. Did Kung Lao get nerfed? I think he was S tier last time I played.
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User Info: Rapham0n

6 years ago#19
Ya know, the more I see of REO and Tom Brady's posts the more I'm convinced that these two guys do not have a clue what they are talking about.

The only thing I use their tier lists for these days is for some good lols.
Thus did man become the architect of his own demise.

User Info: S_Paulik

6 years ago#20
Its all about the player in my opinion, REO could go play as Sindel/Baraka/Quan Chi and win a major probably.

Sure some characters have more tools but it's all about how you utilize them I think.
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