Animaility, Babality, and Friendship?

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User Info: R0N1N187

7 years ago#1
Game would receive perfect scores if they brought those back.

User Info: DNOMYTE

7 years ago#2
no it wouldn't that would make it super tacky those finishers were stupid and ridiculous

User Info: jut001

7 years ago#3
they should save the space on the disk for more gore.

User Info: the7thsage5

7 years ago#4
Why bother with any of that when they could just have more fatalities?
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User Info: silent0ne456

7 years ago#5
I only want babality back to humiliate ragers

User Info: Gambit_37

7 years ago#6
They're going for a more realistic and gritty feel with this game and those comical finishers would just ruin that. So, no.
"I don't want it to be FUN... FUN often times ruins games." - IgnatiusLoyola

User Info: urmomishawt04

7 years ago#7
They already confirmed no friendships...I assume no babalities either.

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User Info: LordDana

7 years ago#8
Animalities would own in this game. If not everyone, the ones it makes sense for. (Reptile, Nightwolf, Raiden)
Dana, OUT !!!!! (I am a guy despite the name)
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User Info: jeffo2448

7 years ago#9
No, this game doesn't need the extra nonsense. Let them perfect the characters, gameplay, fatalities, and levels.... not the comical bull.

User Info: GinIchimaru101

7 years ago#10
i liked animaility's turning into a polar bear with Sub-Zero is as badass as it gets
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