Ermac combo into X-ray

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User Info: MyopicCanadian

6 years ago#1

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with this... trying to play a decent Ermac, and I've been doing some juggle combos with him, but for the life of me I can never juggle into an x-ray. Is my timing just off or does theopponent need to be standing for Ermac's X-ray move?

User Info: Kirbopher13

6 years ago#2
No, you can catch them in the air with it.
I think they need to be fairly high, but it can be done.
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User Info: DrewDos

6 years ago#3
What combo are you doing?

User Info: MyopicCanadian

6 years ago#4

Hm.. maybe I'll experiment with the timing, then.

I was using.. b+X, Y, f+X as an opener (or was it f+X, Y, b+X?), then teleport punch, air lift, jump to Y, force push. Or variations on that general theme. It didn't register the x-ray at any point of that when I was testing in practice mode.

User Info: zoMO0

6 years ago#5
You can catch 'em with an X-ray if you combo into an air lift, jump + x (or y?), teleport punch, and X-ray. Just know that there is a slight delay in executing the X-ray; it can't be immediately after the telepunch, nor can it be after they hit the ground. I've pulled this off a few times online, and it's all about the timing. Hope that helps

User Info: tl_rinzler

6 years ago#6
you can get a 50% with a 9-hit combo with an X-Ray

<- + FP, FP, BK, Force-Lift, X-Ray

there's also a 37% with a 9-hit combo I can get without an X-Ray

<- + FP, FP, BK, Telelift, Telepush

both aren't too complicated and both do a hefty amount of damage

User Info: BobWayne17

6 years ago#7
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User Info: ZexxCrine

6 years ago#8
Honestly I like toward+1,1,4 force port dash 2,2 force lift (dash 2,2 force push/telepush) x-ray

I also like

Away 1,2,toward 1 dash (tele lift dash 2,2 force push/telepush)force lift (x-ray) jump punch force port dash 1,2 force push/telepush

The () sections represent branches to the combo

1=x 2=y 3=a 4=b

User Info: tl_rinzler

6 years ago#9
11-hit x-ray 54%

<- + FP, FP, BK, Force lift, ^BK, Teleport, X-ray

10-hit 41% no x-ray

<- + FP, FP, BK, Force Lift, ^BK, Teleport, telepush

(can be done with ex-force lift i just fail too much)

User Info: MyopicCanadian

6 years ago#10

Thanks everyone, all those combos really help. I also didn't realize how early you can/have to input some of the special move commands to get them to fire off immediately following the combo, so that's helped me pull some of these off.


^BK - Is that up and BK, or jump and BK? Up+BK I can hit the opponent but not high enough to get a teleport punch. If it's a jumpkick, I keep missing the teleport punch and have to work on it. :) thx!

For some reason Gamespot not letting me quote you properly.

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