Liu Kang vs Shao Kahn...

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User Info: vedomedo

6 years ago#1

So it seems i am the only person in the world that can't win against Shao Kahn (story 'mission') with Liu Kang.. iv'e done it in arcade (on normal) but there is no **** way... he is just simply unbeatable.. no matter what i do he instantly either counters it or just doesn't take the "knockback" and barely takes any damage.. what the hell am i doing wrong?

User Info: mrfantastic47

6 years ago#2
You could always lower the difficulty. I did that for a few fights that were pissing me off, such as the Scorpion/Quan Chi 2x1.
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User Info: CerberusState

6 years ago#3
Keep as far away as possible and hit him with high and low fireballs.

User Info: AnoKid09

6 years ago#4
When he taunts, either bicycle kick or flying dragon kick. Keep your distance.
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User Info: vedomedo

6 years ago#5

i'm considering turning down the difficulty yeah.. kind of feel cheap if i do that (even though he is cheaper than the most trashy hooker ever) i have barely managed to down him ONCE so far... we'll see if i punch another hole in my wall or not

User Info: WestSdeNleVrus

6 years ago#6
CerberusState posted...
Keep as far away as possible and hit him with high and low fireballs.

Pay attention to his moves and make sure you low fireball under his projectiles. He also likes to taunt a lot when you're at a distance making it easier.
It also helps getting that first strike in to boost your gauge for an xray move or a powered up fireball.

User Info: vedomedo

6 years ago#7

i took down the difficulty to begginer now, and even THAT doesn't help he pretty much 4-5hit ko's me

User Info: vedomedo

6 years ago#8

that's it, giving up on this game... story mode is now officially out the window -.-

User Info: FreedanEternal

6 years ago#9
And that's what's wrong with players these days. Presented with a challenge (a cheap challenge, but a challenge nonetheless) would rather throw in the towel than figure out how to do it. I beat that fight on normal without resorting to the fireball tactic, relying more on a pressure game and making sure I was jumping over him to avoid his hammer swings. He's wide the hell open if you hit him from behind while he's doing that hammer uppercut.
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User Info: klaytos

6 years ago#10
You may as well quit for your own sake, because Shao Kahn pt 2 is a LOT harder than that Shao Kahn..
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