EASY WAY - Killing Shao Kahn, Goro and Kintaro at Story Mode

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User Info: Left4DeadPDM

6 years ago#1
Ok, i made a very easy fight, killed kintaro at first try, goro at first try, and kahn at the third.
Let's give some advice to you, like people said, there's no need for skill at this fights.
Let's go...

--------------GORO WITH LIU KANG-------------
Goro is veeeeery easy, try to do some combos, personally i like the easy one AAB cuz if it hits it'll make goro fall, and every time you can use Cycle Kick USE IT, somehow he is very vunerable to this attack.Eventually, he will be beaten.

-------------KINTARO AND GORO WITH KUNGLAO-------------
Hohoho, kunglao is f*ck*ng good!!
There's a very easy way to beat them both, and when i say very easy, I mean VERY easy.
Keep using teleport and hiting X after hit, this is the input for the thrown finisher of the teleport.
They will fall for it 90% of the times.
If they don't, try a combo.An easy one.
If you're a skilled player you can try this combo that I figured out yesterday.
XXYX, then that spin atack, then teleport, and B(or A, don't remember,it's that kick finisher for the teleport)

-----------SHAO KAHN WITH LIU---------------------
Ok, this one is hard.....
After having my ass beaten by him 2 times i discovered somethings
So... here is the way i managed to beat. Stay close to him, ALWAYS use that very easy combo I told you, AAB. After this combo Shao Kahn will fall, DO NOT LET HIM STAND UP!! Jump and hit a punch while he is getting up then imediatly do the combo again, if he blocks it, QUICKLY JUMP over him, he'll probably hit the air when you do this, then start this again.

I stopped at the first Stryker fight, gonna continue today =D
Btw, I want to say too that MK is the first game fo this generation that made me stay awaken playing from 1AM to 6AM.
Damn, i feel like I returned to my childhood \o/

Best fighting game for 360 so far.
I only wished a customize you character... like Soul Calibur 4, that would make this game the best game of all times...

If I made any mistake forgive me, i'm from Brazil and english is my second language...

User Info: Left4DeadPDM

6 years ago#2
uh and i forgot,

about that fights against two characters... well for that you WILL need skill...
go to training and practice some combos, that's the only advice I can give you for that fights
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