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User Info: ssj5goku2005

4 years ago#1
Okay, first of all, I think the next game should be called Mortal Kombat X...I know it goes against the purpose of MK9 being a reboot but not many series get to 10 and I think they should celebrate X would look awesome (especially if the X on the box was centered like "Mortal X Kombat")

Now, here's some ideas I had for the plot of MK10 (since I've been going through 9's story mode again and it's making want to see where the story goes from there)


So 9 ends on a cliffhanger that hints on MK10's story involving the invasion of the idea involves the Netherrealm invasion being the 1st half of the story...I remember, a while back on these boards, someone said that, although in MK4 Reiko was just a Shao Kahn wannabe, he could be a real threat if he had some real my idea involves him actually acquiring that power and turning out to be the real bad guy for the 2nd half of MK10

I was also thinking they could involve Shujinko somehow...just because the events have been altered doesn't mean these characters don't exist anymore...maybe Raiden could recall some of his visions and warn Shujinko about the true nature of his quest


So...thoughts? Do you have any ideas?
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User Info: Pinkie_Pie

4 years ago#2
MK10 should have 138 characters and every single one of them should be a slightly different color variation of Hsu Hao.
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User Info: bleeding_violet

4 years ago#3
I'm not as worried about the plot being canon or following this games plot considering most of the games in the series veer way off course anyways. Then later they try to bring it all together saying Shang Tsung and Quan Chi were bffs secretly all along. Or maybe all evil is on the same side and all good charcters are on the same side, and Scorpion of course is neutral.

My main concern is that they don't try to bring back most of these characters that they have mostly made over positively. Sheeva of course used to be a badass in MK3 but not anymore. Although she is still a great really fun character to play she doesn't have any fast moves and everyone else pretty much has something.

I got off track. They should probably at least bring back half the cast and tie them all into the new storyline and add some new(er) characters to go along with them. Then they can release characters like Sheeva and Kabal and Stryker or whoever doesn't really fit into the series much outside of MK3 as DLC or whatever.

They should bring back at least the original characters from the first game. And some from the second and third games. Of course if they have Quan Chi and Shinnok as main players the rest of the MK4 cast should be there as well. That would be good enough. Maybe have the same amount of characters as this game does but with half the cast being from games other than the first three and of course Tremor would be cool to include maybe even Meat why not? They made all the characters in this game really good.

As far as the storyline goes, who cares its not going to be what anyone expects. They always add new weirdness that no one saw coming because it wasn't really part of the storylines. Except for deception, that was part of Nitara Reptile and Cyrax's storyline from Deadly Alliance. But they still changed it alot. I just hope the storyline is as good as MK9 and not just a Shinnok, Quan Chi makeout fest. That would be boring to rehash that all over again.

User Info: Amesang

4 years ago#4
Pinkie_Pie posted...
MK10 should have 138 characters and every single one of them should be a slightly different color variation of Hsu Hao.

His multi-colored hats could open up portals to different realms.. like Mighty Max!
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User Info: ssj5goku2005

4 years ago#5
I'm thinking the storyline should loosely follow Mortal Kombat 4 (just as MK9 loosely followed MK1-3) but after this one they should stop remaking the stories of the older games (maybe Raiden'll finally have changed enough to create new storylines or something)

as for the cast, I think it should be a balance...1/3 classic characters, 1/3 MK4 characters, 1/3 new that they're back on track I feel like they can finally create some good new characters (SOME of the characters from even Deadly Alliance weren't that bad)

and also, this doesn't have much to do with the plot...but I hope they bring back classic costumes...I LOVED finally being able to play as human Reptile again...and they can even up it if they wanted to...maybe make the MK1 costumes come with the game then putting out MK2 and MK3 costumes as DLC
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User Info: Oddark123

4 years ago#6
I imagine it will start with Shinnok's invasion with the army of undead forces lead by Quan Chi and Reiko.

I don't know how Tanya will exist now that there is no Edenia for her to betray like there was before, but again i expect them to probably change it up.

We all know some characters have to go bye bye here and there and most will have plenty of people sad but i think there could be a nice balance.

Of course i still loved the throw everyone out there in Armageddon style too so i wouldn't mind seeing a bit better constructed romp later with all the characters back again, but as far as every single game, i don't think it is needed unless they want to make one hell of a story mode.
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User Info: bleeding_violet

4 years ago#7
I don't see why any of the characters from MK4 wouldn't be in the game. IF its another retelling like this one was. If Shinnok and Quan Chi are the main bad guys then why wouldn't Jarek, Tanya, Fujin, Reiko, Kai and every other character from MK4 be there as well. The MK 1-3 retelling in MK9 had all the characters that were in the first three plus some new ones that weren't (Freddy, Kenshi, Quan Chi, Kratos, Skarlet).

The story won't be what anyone is expecting, and I'm glad. This game was different from the first three but it was still about all the same events and it was really fun to play through the storyline. And all the characters were done up pretty much better than they ever were before so characters that weren't as interesting before (Kai, Jarek, Meat etc etc) could and should be awesome this time around. Every character in MK9 was not only cool and worth playing BUT they are all really fun to play.

User Info: afrodude77

4 years ago#8
Maybe Outworld and Earthrealm form a uneasy alliance to fight the netherealm invasion

the elder gods replace Raiden with Fujin as protector of earthrealm

Sareena helps reverse YSZ`s brainwashing and Ermac becoming a good guy since Shao Kahn has been killed and Quan chi revives and convinces Liu Kang to help him

Hopefully I will see Tanya, Reiko, havik in the game
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User Info: MotaroRIP619

4 years ago#9
I imagine it will have a lot to do with Sonya and Cage freeing their allies from Netherrealm.
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User Info: UnCool_Head

4 years ago#10
Nice. Reiko could be a nice substitute for Shao Kahn and even taking sides with Earthrealm and he realizes he's outnumbered or some such.

Storywise I have no idea, but I think they should add some things from those Ladder endings (Ermac being ruled by the King of Edenia, for example).

The next MK should "compact" MK4, Deadly Alliance and Deception stories.
That way we could have Shinnok obviously, Tanya, Reiko, Kai (since Liu Kang is dead) and Fujin finally appearing.

The whole Nitara subplot, althought poor, it was vital to the Onaga ressurection or I'm wrong? Imagine the possibilities.
And there's Frost and Sareena yet.

And the next next one they should face the Armageddon threat.
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