They Should Have Payed ME!!!

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User Info: Skwalker15

8 years ago#1
I recently downloaded the game with the hopes that I can have an enjoyable time playing a gme I dearly loved as a young child.

I now understand why we were allowed to pay what we want for it (1P in many cases)

Where do I start with faults? Well.... the match engine. It's a cross between force-wielding Humans, Bumper cars and Pinball. The Keepers saves a ball about 2 foot from where his hands actually are (Force wielding Humans) Every tackle looks a foul, but isn't... instead the slightest touch results in a player bouncing all over the place (Bumper cars) and the ball just doesn't go where it is meant to (Pinball)

The interface in general is good, but how good can you make the "Glorified Spreadsheet" Part of the game? Not much better then it always been I wager. Most annoying bit I encountered was probably my fault and my inability to grasp the aspect of "Advanced Tactics" But even so surely the players can figure out the difference between a "Clearance" and a "Shot.... this game is so terrible they should Have seriously paid me instead.

Anyone else particully annoyed with this game?
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User Info: yansz10

8 years ago#2

This game is like a shinny car that seams good but the engine is so shoddy that it would not pass its MOT! The basics you expect from a football/soccer simulator are so poor and you can see they have put more effort into making the training aspect of the game. Neglecting the stats and having unrealistic player interests between clubs. Rivalry between neighbouring clubs are non existant aswell.

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