Who do you hope gets de-cloned?

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  3. Who do you hope gets de-cloned?

User Info: Ichipoo

7 years ago#1
Sources say that 6 more characters will get de-cloned.

Which characters do you hope gets de-cloned?
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User Info: that_guy555

7 years ago#2
Zhou Tai is the only one I can think of right now.

I'm looking forward to this game for sure.

User Info: FionaGureden

7 years ago#3
agree , i prefer zhoutai's samurai stance.......

User Info: sonic_900

7 years ago#4

I just want ma chao's spear back... *sniffles*

User Info: Provale

7 years ago#5
I hope they de-clone Sun-Ce. He was best of with his mighty-ol Tonfas and i agree on Zhou Tai. He was better off as his old Samurai pose :D.

User Info: Provale

7 years ago#6
Oh ya. Also Lu Meng need's his own stance :D. Hes pwnage. I love him.

User Info: idpeace

7 years ago#7
Zhen Ji definitely deserve better
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User Info: gyrobot

7 years ago#8
Well, they added 3 new Musou modes for the 3 characters, from what I have seen, Ma Cao got his two handed sword in strike force, Cao Pi has his own storyline. and I don't know which Wu gets a storyline
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User Info: SakonNing

7 years ago#9
Taishi Ci is the character who has a Wu Musuo Mode.
He's using his old rods but better
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User Info: sunshangxiang25

7 years ago#10
i wish they will bring back Ma Chao's spear & Gan Ning's pirate sword...
i fight in the name of justice...
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  3. Who do you hope gets de-cloned?

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