Red Hare?

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User Info: Godspeed2000

7 years ago#1
So I just play random stages on Chaos with a horse with a Find Saddle ability,get any red horse and then train them with Lu Bu in hopes of it turning into a Red Hare?
By the way,this board seems to be pretty much dead.Doesn't surprise me,since all DW boards and it's fan base are pretty much dead anyway.

User Info: nishikado

7 years ago#2
haha i can't give u a answer on that, i have not unlock chaos, how do u unlock it ?

maybe DW6 on psp is new and alot of westerners, pardon me, doesnt play Jap languages game much, not saying that there are none, but only a small amount ..

I'm a asian myself so i play Jap games (:
Romulus : Undead Knights
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User Info: SojiroRyoOni

7 years ago#3
For Chaos : finish Musou mode with all 4 force (wei, shu, wu and other).

For Red Hare must find a crimson horse with these description 森羅万象を収め and 神々しい気を放っている then train it to level 5 to transform into Red Hare.

User Info: nishikado

7 years ago#4
er my comp can;t read the word? it's all #12873 #12847 etc
Romulus : Undead Knights
Burn Mother****kers BURN!

User Info: SojiroRyoOni

7 years ago#5
The translation is : Contain everything magnificent; Exudes a godly air.
In the English version is : Consider the world and have a heavenly body.

This game is almost the same as the ps2 version, so everything in the ps2 version will be helpful.

User Info: roly_chan

7 years ago#6
Forgive me for being stupid, but how can i put those description code to be readable??

User Info: Nevillinho

7 years ago#7
can someone post discription for the horse u have to train to get a king horse?? I cant find it anywhere and i dont know any japanese so please!!!

User Info: doodie

7 years ago#8
this is gonna be extremely difficulty for those who do red kanji, heres how's to get the red hare.

pay attention to the "RED" horsehorse's description. In the description if its contain the words 「森羅万象」and「神々しい」that means the horse is red hare. once you get the horse just train it to lv5 then it'll turn into a red hare. good luck!

User Info: doodie

7 years ago#9
crap gamefaqs cannot display japanese characters. so here's the link:

2nd question is about red hare

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