Missing Weapons?

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User Info: Gamesmasterx

7 years ago#1

After picking up an ammo pack, I noticed new ammo icons at the bottom left of my screen, some kind of giant nails, and a grenade kind of thing.

Also in a picture I saw one of the Serious Bombs

So, are these mega hidden weapons or something? Because I finished the game yet did not find them, the weapon menu isn't full either.

User Info: Carnage_976

7 years ago#2
I would assume so, if you didn't get them just by playing through.
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User Info: Foppe

7 years ago#3
I've only played the PC version so I have no idea if they changed anything for SSHD...
The Serious Bomb was introduced in the second encounter.
The Grenade Launcher is supposed to be in the beginning of Oasis - Level 5, I think it was in the first building.
The only nail like ammo I remember was the rockets to the rocket launcher, you could find those in level 3 and 4 if I remember correct. It should also exist a secret one in the first level.
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User Info: MikeStutter

7 years ago#4
The other ammo and slots which are empty are probably Second Encounter weapons.
Chainsaw, Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower and Serious Bomb.

User Info: RealWicked

7 years ago#5

From: Gamesmasterx
So, are these mega hidden weapons or something? Because I finished the game yet did not find them, the weapon menu isn't full either

Most can figure that out for themselves.
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User Info: Gamesmasterx

7 years ago#6
^Whats that supposed to mean?
In fact, I don't want to know.

I found the Grenade launcher, I mean there is some kind of smoke grenade (Just an image referance.) ammo picture.

But if they are there, then maybe the second encounter will be playeable under the same executable, ie, not having to quit and load up the other one from dashboard, or quick launch I guess :P

User Info: poopybritches

7 years ago#7
Where are you in the story? In the Dunes level picking up one of the serious packs gives you the ammo indicator for the cannonballs even though you can't possibly have that weapon yet, and that could be mistaken for a "smoke grenade". "Nail-like" ammo could be bullets or shells or rockets. In fact, I do not know of any non-secret rocket launcher so it's possible you didn't pick that up and that would lead to confusion if that ammo indicator appeared as well.

User Info: Gamesmasterx

7 years ago#8
Trust me, I know what I mean.
Go play the level just before memphis, the level you get the laser rifle from, then one of the ammo packs before you enter the castle or whatever it is, adds some new ammo icons. Hell, all the ammo packs might do it, best level to try would be the Great Pyramid.
+There is a non-secret launcher.
I'll go picture hunting.

User Info: Gamesmasterx

7 years ago#9
Here: http://uk.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/serioussamthefirstencounterhd/images/0/2/
Yes I know some of the icons are outdated, but I have the 5th, 6th and the last ammo icon, yet no weapons that use it.

User Info: AndroydXero

7 years ago#10
My Hud doesn't even look like that, different font and everything, WTF?!
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