Thief questions.

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User Info: Trikekun

7 years ago#1
I decided to mess around and create a thief character. I wanted to craft first though to get some good equipment. Problem was I did not seem to have the harvest options at all. I cannot cut wood or anything. Is there a book to so I can learn this?

Also, I managed to get my hands on a bow that is too heavy for me. It won't let me sell it. I only got to sell some arrows, but the actual bow won't drag into the menu.

And how does being a thief work? I know snooping lets you look into the inventory, but then the second option I am not sure what it does. I think it is called "Sleight of Hand". When I use it it tells me that I need to right click the item I want to steal. That's fine, but then when I right click it says that the skill cannot be used for another x amount of seconds. Is right clicking a different stealing skill completely or what?

Call me Trike.

User Info: Icegoten200

7 years ago#2
1. Yes you have to learn how to do woodcutting if you want to chop wood and mining for getting stone.

2. Bows aren't sellable.

3. Your attempting to steal and if you fail you have to wait until you can try to steal again.
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