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User Info: Fenriswolf

7 years ago#11
Did you guys actually checked the reviews? It got 5/10 from Gamespot, and its gameplay is so simplified that it plays like a Quake-era shooter.

User Info: JeremyX103

7 years ago#12
Who cares about reviews? I wanted this game cause it looked like awesome. Maybe i wanted mindless shooting. It looked like just that and nothing more, creatively. You dont find that much these days.
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User Info: Fenriswolf

7 years ago#13
Well at least there's Serious Sam HD coming up if you're interested in that kind of games

User Info: TorenElzal

7 years ago#14
This game may not be coming out for the 360, but if you have a decent computer you can buy it off of Steam. Its pretty cheap right now for the holidays too.
Nobody seems to play games just to have fun anymore.
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