canceled??? LAME!

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User Info: mx9367

7 years ago#1

does anyone have any inside information about this? how stupid! i've heard of games somewhat into production getting the ax, but this game was completely finished!!!! i mean, OXM already reviewed it!!!!

was so dying to play a painkiller style game with a really interesting story and a cool protagonist.

whomever was responsible for this cancelation: you suck.

User Info: buzzsawgr81

7 years ago#2
3 words: call of duty, that's who's to blame.
You can't spell slaughter without laughter!

User Info: BioShockOwnz

7 years ago#3

They finish a game only to cancel it. Gotta love that. Even if it wasn't a top notch game, which it isn't, Aspyr really showed their true self with this kinda BS. They wait until release, then cancel it. Way to lead people on.

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