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Monolith Code

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User Info: Hokkie

5 years ago#1

"down down LT RT RT A up


I can't take credit - gregSTORM on found it. Kudos to him."

Does indeed work-rejoice
SSBB: 2964-8312-7061
XBL GT: Danja

User Info: Hokkie

5 years ago#2
Bump this
SSBB: 2964-8312-7061
XBL GT: Danja

User Info: moomoomashoo

5 years ago#3

Isn't that right, Zach?

User Info: kodiakbro

5 years ago#4

Confirmed. I filmed it, uploading it right now.

"Congratulations, searchers. It seems your quest is at an end, but the harder one begins now, and it begins with Where, and Why?"

User Info: Deathsword00

5 years ago#5
I'll toss another conformation in there.

User Info: Hokkie

5 years ago#6
moomoomashoo posted...


lol, it means we can put this game back on the shelf or start back over without headaches.
SSBB: 2964-8312-7061
XBL GT: Danja

User Info: InfamousChris

5 years ago#7
Great now my completion % is the same as everyone was before, 209%. How do I get glitched cubes?
Craw so hard mother****ers wanna fry me... that fish cray

User Info: KingStryfe

5 years ago#8
Confirmed, finally lol

User Info: Ant_toe_knee

5 years ago#9
And now we have to find out WHY the code is such! But having the answer helps with finding the reason :) Also, just got the kill-screen with 3 red cubes and 209.4%. nothing new. Anybody find any other changes?

User Info: jed__i__nite

5 years ago#10
It works with the bumpers as well as the triggers too.

So.....What do we do now?
XBL Gamertag:Trigalis
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