Can't beat arbaroc(tree boss)

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  3. Can't beat arbaroc(tree boss)

User Info: ViViORO

6 years ago#1
any suggestions? im level 18 and still get owned within 2-3 turns :( I tried white mage and bandit but still get owned fast

User Info: MarquisOndore

6 years ago#2
Wind Cape on one of the characters to minimize wind damage, Stun Capes on the two other folks to avoid getting paralysed which is nasty.

I recall being able to paralyse the boss with that one thunder-elemental axe too, but he still acted both the times each turn so it probably isn't much use.

If nothing else works, learn Mirror with a Black Mage and return his spells back at him, healing with Potions instead.

User Info: Surlypanda

6 years ago#3
Use BM's Mirror and have Salve-Maker heal with Dispense and Healthcare.

User Info: playingforfun

6 years ago#4
I did it by upgrading the Bard once on Aire and using the mouse for healing. Brandt as Bandit with the bow Arbor sold and the Attack song hit for over 100 damage per attack. With the protection song I was able to withstand Arbaroc's assault no problem.

User Info: aiRWaLKRe

6 years ago#5
I was lvl 19. white mage and bandit. their is a fairy cape in the tree dungeon. put that on the bandit, the wind cape from dungeon on the white mage. When the boss takes to the air don't attack it, he seemed to counter more when it was in the air. Just use that time to heal and boost. And just have the white mage heal every turn of battle

User Info: KalirSavant

6 years ago#6
My strategery: Brandt as Salve-maker, Aire as White Mage. Aire spent her turns healing, and Brandt fed Dispensary'd Ethers to Torte for constant Blizzaras. When I needed to replenish Dispensary, I prepared a Spell Focus to one-two a Blizzard/Blizzara.

Salve-makers rock.
I prepared Explosive Runes this morning.

User Info: kippei

6 years ago#7
lol torte went in naked on this one for me and got one-shotted at the start, hero was salve-maker and aire was a black mage.. just cycled dispense and healthcare on hero + hi-potion and focus+aero for aire..

User Info: ViViORO

6 years ago#8
Wow...grinded to 21 and still get owned >_> He keeps paralyzing me and dont see anythign in the shop to counteract it

User Info: kippei

6 years ago#9
i went through the paralysis..kept hp full all the time so when a character/s gets paralyzed i can stand for some turns

User Info: mr_kupo

6 years ago#10
I just beat him. I had one healer with all of the white magic possible: cure, cura, raise, shell, protect, and healthgiver.

The other two were equipped with red shots, one being a bandit, though i don't see that being all that important.

The strategy is to have the two attackers attack and cure alternatively. I think the mouse is good for curing mostly, as both his attack and blizzara barely do damage. While the bird is on the ground, the two attackers keep their own hp up by alternatively attacking and curing. The white mage should be casting shell 3 times and then protect 3 times, unless the bird leaves the ground. It may take a couple of tries getting it right, but from what i've seen, the bird lifts off after 3 or 4 turns. I recommend going shell->shell->healthgiver->cure. Oddly enough, my healer shelled the one who needed it most last, the mouse, who takes a lot more damage than the others.

When the bird is in the air, focus on healing. At least until the bird is about to die. At some point, he starts to go crazy when he's on the ground, but his strategy is the same in the air. At this point, you should reverse your strategy, buffing when hes in the air and curing when hes on the ground. His Leaf-aga or whatever does ALOT of damage to all your party, and he does it twice and fast. Finish him quickly now because his berserkiness means hes almost dead.
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