Recipe for engagement ring?

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User Info: SuperUni

7 years ago#1
I think you have to propose to a girl inorder to fight the final boss right?
So can anyone share the ring recipe for marriage?
Also how do I join the two villages together? I've already showed my wooly form to Wells and that unicorn guy.


User Info: soonah123

7 years ago#2
Ok this took me awile to figure out but....

1. once you beaten the boss go back home and cutscene should appear
2. Go back to the monster village and talk to the horned girl then the horned guy
3. now go back and talk to Wells
4. Do the main quest of the person u want to marry until u completed 8 of them...
note: its best if its dahlia or persia since in the 8th quest you will automatical show them your true form
5. once that happens talk to Sia and whe will give u 4 seeds
6.plant them and give her the 4 flowers you grow
7. talk to elisa to get a ribbon and give it to sia
8. give 3 silver ores, 2 platium ores and 1 emerald to gaji
9. wait 1 day and go back and talk to him
10. give the brooch the sia and then wait another day for the bouqet
11. give the bouqet to the horned girl

Once you reunite them wells and the witch come and give you the recipe for the engagment ring...
the materials are... two silver and one ruby..

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE SURE YOU GET 4 OR 6 PINK TURNIPS, CUCUMBER, spinach or poetoa (forgot) and turnip... otherwise it will waste ALOT of your time completing the dungeon

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