Super Fail Dish

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User Info: Kentachi

7 years ago#1
How does one actually make Super Fail Dish?
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User Info: xerpliop

7 years ago#2
Who cares? Go to Sol Terrano: The Fossil and beat the dongs out of those Monster Boxes. Bam. Tons of Super Fails. Eat at your own peril.
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User Info: lubu2002

7 years ago#3
why you need super fail dish?just try to make something by ur hand if the percent is little for example try making something if it's 20% or 10% or 30% if it fail it will become super fail but why you need it?do you need it for quest?
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User Info: BlazeAltoire

7 years ago#4
gift for sofia, she likes it :|
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User Info: Dragena01

7 years ago#5
She fails.

User Info: xerpliop

7 years ago#6
You can also fish for rare cans. They're really not all that rare in the Spring Terrain.
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User Info: lccorp2

7 years ago#7
You can make a super fail by attempting to cook something obviously not edible (scrap metal, etc).
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User Info: clasni6

7 years ago#8
Cook weed.
Weed sells for 2 G
Fail for 3g
Super fail 50G
Yep, I still have hopes to make a higher level Super Failed Dish :'(

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