When do I get a Pharmacy?

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User Info: Talia666

6 years ago#1

I need it for one of Rusk's requests.

User Info: zydaline

6 years ago#2
After you encounter the village in the desert, return home. You'll get an event where the Sharance tree randomly grew a second floor. Now go to the blacksmith and talk to Raven (Or whoever's behind the counter. Not very sure if it works if Gaius is the one there) and she'll offer your a choice to build a workshop and a pharmacy.

You need a few thousand gold and about 50++ wood though.

User Info: DahlVaughnni

6 years ago#3
You'll get it as you progress through the story. Or rather, the option to get one will be enabled.

Wait until your treehouse thing grows to get a 2nd floor, it'll happen on its own after the first boss, and then you purchase the pharmecy in town from that crazy medicine girl with the horn.
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User Info: zydaline

6 years ago#4

Sorry, what ^ said. I forgot that the pharmacy's unlocked my Marian. Raven unlocks the accessory workshop and the forge.

How to unlock it is the same tho, just talk to different people. Sorry @_@

User Info: Talia666

6 years ago#5
Thanks guys! Though I've already met the girl with the horn, How soon do I get the event?

User Info: Talia666

6 years ago#6
Anyone know?

User Info: Laydown_TPADM

6 years ago#7
If you already visited 2F of the tree, talk to her. The options should be like this:

I want to talk.
I want to buy.
I want to build a Pharmacy. <------------------------

User Info: Talia666

6 years ago#8
There wasn't an event where I received a second floor.

Her friendship and love is at 6.

User Info: Laydown_TPADM

6 years ago#9
The stairs are on the top-left of the tree.
If they didn't show up, there's something wrong.

User Info: PokemonAddict23

6 years ago#10
Go into the 2nd floor, Shara will enter and talk. Pharmacy/Forge/Workshop unlocked! Oh, and it has nothing to do with love levels.
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