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sparkle string ?

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User Info: 721sushi

6 years ago#1
Where can I get it ?

User Info: 721sushi

6 years ago#2
I really need it to make weapon ?

User Info: 721sushi

6 years ago#3
Someone ??

User Info: Fortune871

6 years ago#4
It drops from monsters. I think I picked up a couple in the oddward/oddway? valley dungeon. The one with the two lions as bosses. I believe those aphid/spider things that shoot webs at you drop it. Random chance of course.

If it doesn't drop, there is always Sakuya and her antique/pawn/god knows what shop. Save game and reset game until desired result. It might work.

User Info: neo_orma

6 years ago#5
Spiders! Can drop Sparkle String or Strong String.

User Info: LordTapir

6 years ago#6
Spiders in the forest are the easiest way.

User Info: Roxii

6 years ago#7
Privera : Crescent Path.
Don't destory the port hole until you get the string.

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