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User Info: Arc166

5 years ago#41
Dead wiki.

and i'm here wondering(still wondering for ages) what daria's rainbows do
is it(tha rainbow) special?

User Info: airshipff

3 years ago#43
Is there a full list of all the hidden effects of items and equipment somewhere? The wiki listed here is dead, the new one at best list the names of the items, and the only faq here on gamefaqs has a lot of missing items.
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Useful topic!
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User Info: vocalvixen

2 years ago#45
I'll post this here because it's mostly dead and I don't want to make things too easy for the uninvested, lol.

If you wear an element shield (halves fire, water, earth, and wind), Magic earring (halves light), art of magic (halves non-elemental physical), upgrade two of your defensive items to be at least 50% immune to dark and poison, and eat a Prelude to Love (halves all damage) you'll be invincible. This works even better with Pia in the multiplayer Sharance Maze, because she likes fruit things and won't receive the downside of -50% HP and RP max with the Prelude to Love.

So far I've only tested this with found items, so no upgrading to be immune to poison or dark, and I've still been taking some damage. But it makes life much easier in, say, mystery maze.

Just in case no one else had put these item effects together before. Enjoy.

User Info: Return_of_the_V

2 years ago#46
Now, even though it's been years, I don't recall ever hearing of such an idea before. Pretty interesting honestly.
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