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User Info: Blingya25

5 years ago#1
So I manage to get to the last area and save. I went to the Boss Area, but I can't proceed any further, after the laugh I get pushed out.

I read some other topics on this stuff too, but I can't seem to get pass that laughing part.

I have no quests in queue or anything, is there something I have to do or have in order to fight the boss in that area?

TY in advance ^^
`/(o^_^o)\` Raichu!!

User Info: lilfairy

5 years ago#2
Have you beaten all monsters in the area? I think there's an area in the upper left that you have to "clear out" too. I'm not sure if destroying crystals will count, but I did anyway.
Did Micah/MC say anything about "killing all monsters"? If he did, then there's still an area somewhere you haven't cleared.

User Info: reversereality

5 years ago#3
^ Yes. But, do NOT use the warp pad. Using it resets the things you killed, so after killing the things on the right side, use the lilypad/ninja shoes to cross the water to kill the stuff at the left side. Then go to the cave and kill the monsters there.
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