Character you're best at using?

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User Info: Zter

6 years ago#1
The character I'm best at is Ieyasu. He was the first character I tried and easiest I mastered. All of his Super Arts are powerful and useful enough to use without relying on just one. Plus, his running animation is my favorite :3

Who is yours?

User Info: souldiver84

6 years ago#2
Magoichi, all i need to do is Hold Square and release, roll and rinse, i can even play with my toes
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User Info: ShikamaruNara0

6 years ago#3
Tsuruhime, which everyone seems to be annoyed by...
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User Info: AIbeI_Nox

6 years ago#4
Keiji, followed by Ieyasu.

Ieyasu's Triangle full charged reminds me of Sol Badguy's Tyrant Rave Beta, as it is a One-Two that sends them flying then I have to chase them down as they land.

Keiji is just fun. His taunt, his sytle, his Air Triangle "sitting bull" move. Just gold.
It is not the great who are strong, but it is the strong who are great! - Albel Nox

User Info: HeroOfChaos85

6 years ago#5
Keiji and Mitsunari, I prefer the former partly due to his story being much more substantial and the general badassness of carrying a giant nodachi one handed. hes strong and got some good moves that are really quick for a sword of that size. his specials arent the best, but i think its pretty convenient to just drop down somewhere and regain ur health lolz.
Mitsunari. Fast, strong, racks up huge combo counts. just a generally good character, though his defense needs a bit of buffing up though. got some pretty badass specials too (decapitation comes to mind)...
those are the two i've maxed and found all fugitives for, though i havent unlocked like 6 characters yet and also not Pirates at Noshima, Siege of Kanegasaki, and Honnoji.
Oichis pretty good too.
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User Info: Genisgenius

6 years ago#6
Tsuruhime,Oichi and Mitsunari
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User Info: demonsword765

6 years ago#7
Neither. I can use them but I can't say I'm best at using them.

I just like using Motonari and Mitsunari more.
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User Info: Jian_lover

6 years ago#8
Kotaro, l´m untouchable with him, l mean, l got most of the unharmed materials with him, besides, l like the badass feeling of fighting airbone for pretty loooong periods of time, specially on hard. l find his cancels pretty creative even those that can be done mid-air with his regular s-string.

User Info: DoomtrainGF

6 years ago#9
"Let the spineless flee and all the others stay to have their backs broken."

User Info: El_Caracol

6 years ago#10
It's a toss up between Ieyasu and Kanbe for me.

I like trying out new combos with Ieyasu, but Kanbe is a hoss!
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