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User Info: I_Heart_Eevee

8 years ago#1
Board is dead, lulz. Still... This game looks like a standard platformer, and that's almost enough reason for me to buy. But is it good?
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User Info: pedro45

8 years ago#2
It's getting some alright reviews. I'm highly considering buying it. It seems worth 10 bucks. Apparently it's like 4 hours of main gameplay then you got the extras and multiplayer.
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User Info: rockstarkate

8 years ago#3
I got it yesterday and it is fun. It's very pretty. Not so easy to be boring, but not so hard to be frustrating. Gameplay is fun and there are some interesting puzzles to figure out. There are 2 modes: Arcade and Story. You unlock arcade levels, which can be played in splitscreen multiplayer. Arcade levels are like mini games with different goals like collect all the whatevers or beat your previous time.
Story mode is fun so far. I've gotten through 6 levels. The hardest part so far is the enemies. You "kill" them by knocking them off the edge. I have not mastered this yet and tend to go off the edge with them :) The puzzles are satisfying.
Very much worth the price if you like a cute, fun platformer. It isn't so very cutesy. If you like games like Crash Bandicoot or Mario, you'll probably like this.

User Info: fjc2

8 years ago#4
It's hard to be upset about $10 but I am. The resolution is poor (1280 x 720) and the play is tedious. I wished I had waited for more reviews/votes. You should wait, too.

User Info: Drac_Mazoku

8 years ago#5
I finished the game few minutes ago (only need to get all stars in stage 5 and 6 to get my final trophy). I was not expecting much, and what I got is a great puzzle-platformer. Basically, you're controlling one giant spinner, and you must use all its abilities to go through the stage. You begin with only the basic abilities to spin slower or faster and jump. But each stage you gain a new ability that you must master to go through this stage, going through double-jump, pushing objects, etc... By the end of the final stage you'll have mastered every abilities in-game, so the developper really took time to give us a perfect learning curve.

Every time you clear a story stage (there's seven), you unlock two arcade stages, some multi-player, but most of them single player. Each arcade stage is a puzzle room in a grey and white environnement, where you need to reach the goal by collecting the most energy cube possible and by having different abilities and handicap to do so (sometimes, they can even block any kind of jump inside a stage). These stage reminded me a little bit of the beginning of Portal, where you needed to cross every experiment room with a single gimmick inside each of them. In fact, I think I liked the arcade part better than the story part (though I didnt tried multiplayer yet).

The not a lot of music and sound effect, but I thought that the graphic were really great. Mind you, I'm playing on a SD tv, and I don't care much about the graphics if the gameplay is great, and it is. For 10$, you get 7 story stage, 11 arcade stage and 4 multiplayer stages. I think it is a very good deal.
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User Info: canton kid

canton kid
8 years ago#6
the resolution is poor?

thats a horrible reason not to get a game... sure its definitely to be mentioned, but if a game is level design...then thats really all that matters

it sounds as though its worth $10...just know your getting a slightly above average platformer...but to not be happy because of the resolution?!?!

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