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User Info: Jtblitz

8 years ago#1
Yeah I recently wandered into God Hand on Youtube and checked out the website, being very impressed (mostly because Go Shiina, my favorite video game composer, is working on it, but the story seems intriguing and the gameplay seems promising)

So i just wanted to ask if there was any basic facts that i've missed so far about the whole atmosphere/setting/story?

-Takes place roughly around 2070
- The aragami (gods) arrived on earth in 2050 and quickly slaughtered all but 1% of the world's population
- The continental makeup of the Earth has gone through a small shift
- The Finnish pharmaceutical company Fenrir was able to compose bio-technoligical weapons ("Jinki") capable of harming the aragami through the research theory "Oracle Physics".
- The Jinki fuse with the user's own body (arm) and thus allow them to drain the aragami's abilities for their own and at the same time inflict massive damage. It also grants GREATLY enhanced speed and endurance.
- Jinki can come in various forms, with the bladed weapon not needing to be a sword and the shooting weapon being based off of various gun styles
- Those who can use the Jinki are called God Eaters *gasp*
- There are Fenrir Headquarters in parts of the world, in limited numbers. It's assumed anywhere that's not in a Fenrir HQ is most likely in ruin.
- God Eaters are normally found in squads, and work for an overlooking union (most likely Fenrir).
-The game focuses on the squad with Leind/Leindo/Reind/Reindo (leader?/sp?), Sakuya, Sohma, Kohta (sp?), and Alyssa/Alissa, along with the main character in all of the videos being a newer God Eater (a create-a-character/voiceless/nameless?)
- Leind and Sakuya have a previous relationship to some extent, as do Leind and the woman in white.
- Alyssa's parent's deaths could somehow be related to Leind.
-The mysterious woman with white hair could somehow be related to the aragami, and Sohma could have some connection with her. Sohma could also have something like a 4th sense which can detect the aragami.

Is that basically all that is known or can be concluded right now? Also does anyone here know if anyone's translating the Trailers/PV anytime soon?

User Info: Ocelot4444

8 years ago#2
god hand?yes that was one of my top 5 games on the ps2,doubt it get ported to the psp lol jk.i know what ya mean.
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User Info: Jtblitz

7 years ago#3
lol I think I was playing God Hand before I posted that xD

User Info: Jtblitz

7 years ago#4
Guess I should add a few things based off of the demo.......

Leind = Rindou
Sohma = Soma
Kohta = Kouta

.....and a few extra things I forgot before....

- *SPOILERS?* Rindou, based on where/how he appears in the PV, could and probably does end up dying/(possibly becoming an aragami? o.0). In a game like this, it's most likely that either the "main" character (Rindou) or the player character (who you decide to make) end up dying. Sad, but true ._.

- Operation Aegis seems to be a program intent on building true safe zones from the aragami, by building areas where they can't physically inhabit or by possibly erradicating them all. The PV called it "the shield of God" that will provide mankind "everlasting haven".

Lol I need to play the demo....i'm somewhat useful with understanding japanese when its orderly presented, unlike the PV's where its random lines and whatnot >_>

User Info: GZay2Stay

7 years ago#5
TY for the info.
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User Info: Jtblitz

7 years ago#6
- Apparently Soma's first mission was six years prior to the game, which would mean he was 12...which implies that God Eaters were chosen regardless of age and obviously have special traits which qualify them for the duty. Being younger than Rindou and Sakuya when becoming a GE would somewhat explain his reclusive attitude.

User Info: Crystal_Filgian

7 years ago#7
And yet Rindou is shorter then Soma lol.

User Info: Jtblitz

7 years ago#8
Lol i always thought so too, but apparenlty Rindou is a few centimeters taller than Soma according to the website. It's 182cm compared to 177cm.

Also am I the only one who really likes Soma's jacket? xD
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