Your 999 ending chronology

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User Info: Lucariofiend

6 years ago#1

I got the worst endings first D:

This, however, allowed me to emotionally invest in pretty much everyone in the series.

Ace - Didn't know he was bad until the 4th, which allowed me to look back and evaluate later.
Snake - I never picked the 5 door until later, but he always annoyed me to the end. I thought he might be the Submarine killer, but that's implausible, since it's Ace anyway.
Santa - Always liked him, especially the boiler room.
Clover - Hated her, since I got her Axe in my back early on. Softened up for her in the library.
Junpei - Favorite character, he reminds me of myself, haha.
June - Honestly, I really liked her, against common opinion. She's still one of my favorites, though her using Junpei like that makes me sad. I supported her and Junpei right away, lol.
Seven - Second fave, the order I got the endings with him had me in a Hate>Like>Love relation.
Lotus - Meh.
9th - Fail.

User Info: Velvet_Blues

6 years ago#2
Let's see my endings where:
[Coffin] -> [Sub] -> [Axe] -> [Knife] -> [Safe] -> [True]

Now, I don't want to invade your topic with my wall-of-text tendencies (look at my topic if you want read my take on the characters, endings, etc.)

But I was glad I got [Coffin] first. It ended with a cliffhanger (more like them teasing you with the events of [True]) and a taste of what's going on. Then, really, everything afterwards was worst to good :3
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User Info: ChocoXCheese

6 years ago#3
Sub, Knife, Axe, Safe, True

I thought it was the perfect order from learning the least to the most.
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User Info: Lucariofiend

6 years ago#4
@Velvet, I rather love WoT's, they're very nice to read through. Bring it on if you ever feel the desire, lol.

Well, getting the [Sub] ending first might actually be the least revealing in some ways, since you didn't learn of Ace being bad yet. It also introduces a great sense of suspense and longing for more, similar to the [Knife] ending, contrasting to the [Axe] ending. I suppose the only major information you get from the [Sub] ending is that someone is bad among the Nine, that Seven is a detective, and that Lotus's kids were part of the first Nonary game.
You could also deduce that Snake and Santa were part of the first Nonart game, due to the flashbacks that Seven provides, but that in itself isn't enough to tell you that one of them is Zero/helping Zero.

True ending last is, naturally, optimal.

User Info: cmfireflies

6 years ago#5
Knife -> Sub -> Coffin -> Sub -> Safe -> True

Honestly, I'm glad I got the knife and sub endings first. Built suspense. I knew I was on the right track during the coffin ending and was seriously pissed when I got the sub ending again.

Had to look at a walk through for the safe and true endings.

Fun fact: I thought "safe" meant nobody dies, not an actual safe so I was quite sad when Clover died. I loved Clover, maybe because I never got the axe ending.

On another note, was there actually any way to get the safe and true endings without a guide or being extremely lucky? I really didn't think there was a logic to the endings. In fact I tried to do everything differently on each play through and couldn't get the true ending by myself.

User Info: Velvet_Blues

6 years ago#6
^ Lol, I'm glad you don't mind. I'm just abit hesistant in doing that in other people's topics :3 But since I have your permission, let's see what happens :P

But I think I'm happy with the order I've seen the endings:

[Coffin] - Sure, its technically the [True End] but I liked how it sets up the situation of the story. I get a general sense of most charactes (except for Snake, Seven, and abit of Ace), some general concepts to keep in mind, and I half-expected that the game would have a plot twist involving the Ice Mummy, Alice. The story lets out little pieces of info like Clover beginning to mention the "experiments" but is always cut off by Ace coming into the room and ends in away that made me go "Dammit, man! Get the hell out >:(" Then it just ends with Santa sudden;y whipping out a gun, holds June hostage, and you can't do anything but comply inorder to keep June safe. Then the coffin in the room is knocking like crazy and when it cuts to it the screen goes black with "To be continued..."

Gah, I was just like "Aw...WTF!! *rage fist*"

[Sub] - I find this the most depressing since basically everyone dies (well until I later realized that the killer wasn't Zero or Alice but the bastard Ace >:( ). I found that whole route to have doom hanging around you with the corpses you see. Then the brief moment you recount something with June in the shower wasn't exactly a pleasant memory (for a second I thought June snapped and killed everyone when you get out of [2] with Seven and Lotus). Then the last parts of the story were just a volley of fists punching you in the heart but espically when you find June, and she's hurt, and even though they share a few words you can't do anything to save her and dies in Junpei's arms. But the despair doesn't end there, we turn around and find Lotus and Snake dead and Junpei (and myself) hits rock bottom and doesn't care anymore only to be stabbed in the back by the unknown assailant.

Plotwise, you finally learn about Clover and Snake's relationship, Seven's "amnesia" and Lotus' hacking skills aon the shipnd how she's relation to being on the ship and learn about the "Nonary Project" The mystery thickens....

[Axe] - This is probably my favorite. Its just so tragic that if events don't unfold properly, Clover goes ax crazy and successful kills everyone to aveng her "brother's" death. One thing I started thinking (after going through the whole game] is that Clover's actions mirrored Zero's motive: revenge. Sure it wasn't as devious, clever, and elaborate as the Nonary Game, but she accomplishes her task with speed and efficency...

[Knife] - This is probably when things started to come together, for me, when I finished it. You learn Santa had a younger sister who he couldn't save (I guess its true since it's Junpei who does save Akane from dying and not Aoi), and from the events of [Axe] I started to suspect Ace as a villian since he was the last person to be seen with Lotus but wasn't so sure because I couldn't figure out how he could have had acess to a bladed-weapon...

and [Safe]/[True End] wraps things up and makes me want a sequel :3
"...but forgetting her is not a gauge of my strength. A man's true strength is determined by his capacity to love." -Richard Hartford, Daimos

User Info: fleadh_forever

6 years ago#7
[Sub] --> [Axe] --> [Knife] --> [Safe] --> [True].

I loved getting this order. Sub made me go:
"Room 2's done. Oh my God, what a twist [about Lotus]. What a cool thing to learn. I think I'm starting to get somewhere into these characters - oh my God, what's going on now.
No. No. No! Nonono! Oh my God, this cannot be good.
No! Don't stop here! No! No!
...What the hell?! I'm gonna start this all over again and get down to the bottom of it! You can't just cut me off like that!"

Seriously, I felt like I was on my way to a good ending and then suddenly within five minutes EVERYTHING went haywire, EVERYONE started dying, and the credits just rolled. This ending is just so spot-on, so incredibly well-crafted - and it left me feeling like a scared, cornered, defenseless animal the whole time.

The Axe ending is supposed to be sad and frightening, sure, but honestly it came as a bit of a comic relief to me. After playing through the Sub ending and going for what I thought would have to be a good ending, I made poor choices the whole way to get the Axe ending. Seeing that one basically made me feel like my karma just slapped me in the face, and I kind of walked away from it going "Oh, well. I deserved it." If I'd gotten it first it probably would've scared me more, but then I don't think I would've loved Sub as much.

Then the Knife ending kind of fell in between everything. Just another dead end. Still hard to shake off though.

And yes, I did think the "Safe" ending meant I would actually be safe. The very end of it still frightens me a bit since I felt like I had been stabbed in the back yet again and I felt like I'd never have control over this game for real. It just made me go, "why can't I ever figure this game out? Why is it always outwitting me?"

Then there was the True ending. So many times over, that feeling came back to me. Over and over I felt like I was being screwed with, and in the end I truly felt like even though I finished the game, the whole story and cast had just completely conquered me.

The fact that after collecting all the bits and pieces, I still never felt like I'd truly solved the game, is really just one of so many reasons why this is just such a fascinating and brilliant game from start to finish.
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User Info: The UnLucky Cat

The UnLucky Cat
6 years ago#8
[Safe] -> [Axe] -> [Sub] -> [True]

Probably the worst way to go abouts the endings save for seeing True first somehow.

Instantly I learn Ace's true colors, that Snake is alive, and suspicion is cast on June and Santa.


I chose door [5] first because of Junpei's desire to check out the 9th man's body, which I presumed to mean he'd check if his bracelet still worked after death, and/or to check his note to see if Zero was the aforementioned "him" who had lied. Somehow I had the idea that Zero meant the bracelets would deactivate once you won the game or died trying. He doesn't take anything, but I certainly would have were I in his shoes. Silly Junpei.

I didn't have much of a reason for choosing [8] since they don't really discuss it other than the fact that going through [3] is a dick move. I seriously wish I had chosen otherwise, but such is fate.

What I was thinking at the time was that perhaps Ace chose to stay behind so that he could wait up for Snake and use the [9] bracelet to go through door [3]. This is the only possible way for all 8 players to pass through a door. Of course, he wouldn't know the bracelet works, and he wouldn't know that the door was propped open. I was thinking that maybe the two of them talked during the searching hour and so Snake went back for the bracelet since he knows both of those facts, and told Ace to wait for him. Why he wouldn't tell Clover of all people, I couldn't say, though.

I don't even know why I chose door [6]. Probably a mix of having no real reason to choose any of the three doors since I know nothing about them, and wanting to group with some different characters (haven't been with Ace, June, or Santa yet, so hey how 'bout that).

I did the same first two doors to get another ending as fast as possible thanks to text skip. I've said it before, but going through door [8] completely ruins the Axe ending. Clover tells you about Snake's accident that claimed his eyes and his left arm, which Junpei immediately forgets. This is the ONLY thing Clover has EVER said to you besides "we're siblings, of course!" AND it gives you decisive evidence that Snake is alive. Junpei... you... idiot

Here I looked up the flowchart to prevent duplicate endings, then did a quick search of the boards to see which ones were worth doing. Apparently Knife and Coffin aren't too interesting on their own, so I went with Sub through door [3]. The edge is all but lost once you know Guy X isn't Snake, but the other backstory is still nice. Seeing Ace's "body" is more significant if you know he's a killer, but I'd still rather see this one earlier if not first thing.

And the True ending, well, not much is different having done the bad endings.

I saw the Knife ending on Youtube. Pretty meh.
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User Info: helmaroc1

6 years ago#9


I was considering the ramifications of Junpei learning about the prosthetic arm from Clover if he went through door 5 and then door 8, and subsequently going through door 1. I suppose, actually, that it's kind of reasonable. When everyone first encounters the dead body in the shower room, for the most part everyone is so disgusted that they more or less avert their eyes from the gruesome spectacle. However, when Junpei decides to revisit the shower room in the Safe Ending, that's when he actually makes a more detailed investigation of the scene, and it's only then that he mentions actually noticing that the left arm has bones. But, if you're saying it's a waste that he didn't just notice it the first time around, yeah, I can see where you're coming from.

User Info: ZakielKugel

6 years ago#10
Mine was:
4, 8, 6: Knife
5,7,1: Axe
4,3,2: Sub
5,8,6: Safe

I didn't do a separate "coffin" ending.

I did the first one in a vacuum, because I figured whatever I get is whatever I get.
The rest I used the flowchart picture to get the ones I wanted because I didn't want spend extra time, because I figured 5 playthroughs would take long enough.

I tell you, I think the True Ending has more talking than all the preceding on that path. But maybe not.

Personally, I thought all the non-true ends, aside from safe, were too abrupt and I didn't really like them that much.

Though, Knife did amuse me with it's sudden, "Tragedy always strikes when one least expects it." Though I do wonder about the usage of it. Sometimes it seems more like the writer is addressing the player rather than not.

Axe was silly in its, Hmm, what is that handle thing on her back? OH WELL, MUST NOT BE IMPORTANT! Also, lol yangire.

Sub was just suddenly EVERYONE DEAD and it took me a while to be confident of who the killer was.

I plan to do a WALL OF TEXT sooner or later about stuff.

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