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User Info: GebaJr

5 years ago#1
Hi, all. I have some questions mainly cocerning post-game (except for the 1st one) and they are as follow:
1) What is the character to be recruited in the upper part of the connection map labelled with "Recruit ??? from ???" ? Do you have any ideas?
2) How to unlock the team in the middle section of Premium Competition Route (Tsunami's coach)? S-ranking of Diamond Dust does nothing.
3) Can the characters from Forest Team be recruited? The Player Binder says they are befriended via story, but how exactly is it done? Not that I want to sing up any of them, I'm just asking out of curiosity. Yeah, they are strong, but their design is so repulsive.

User Info: DDlan

5 years ago#2
1) This is Xene/Xavier/Gran, the captain of Genesis. If you are scouting him, he is standing near the entrance of Fauxshore. The probability of him appearing is low though, you need to try several times before he appears.

2) This team is Chaos, if I am not mistaken. You need to connect to Firestorm for this team to be unlocked. Couldn't try this one out, though.

3) Unfortunately I never tried to scout them. IF it is possible the scout function would be your best bet.

User Info: CressDXX

5 years ago#3
If you mean the special team in Fuji forest then yes, but you can get 1 of the teams per version because they are exlusive to each version of the game.

In the Firestorm version of the game you get Burn/Torch and his team Prominence.

In Blizzard version of the game you get Gazel and his team Diamond Dust.

If you want both then you must tranfer one over from the other version of the game.
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User Info: underredskies

5 years ago#4
I think they mean the team actually called Forest Team, who you face if you go back to where Prominence/Diamond Dust was after you've beaten them.

User Info: GebaJr

5 years ago#5
Thanks for your answers.

I haven't tried recruiting the greatest ones from the opposite teams, I'm just glad Hiroto unlocks the problematic space.

As for the Competition Route, I thought about Dark Emperors or Forest Team at first, but since they haven't appeared there after second defeat, I became suspicious about the other version of the game. You are right, DDlan. I'm still not sure whether it's Diamond Dust/ The Prominence or Chaos, but it has to be either of them. All that has to be done is to beat the game (possibly also the team in Fuji Forest maze), choose "Connect" from the game menu, then "Secret" and that's it. I hope someone confirms who the additional adversary is.

Sadly, Forest Team members cannot be recruited via Scout option (not to mention Recruit).

I have one more question:
How to obtain the key to Warehouse past the Shopping area? Is it Wi-Fi download related?

User Info: Wata_kun

5 years ago#6
GebaJr posted...
How to obtain the key to Warehouse past the Shopping area? Is it Wi-Fi download related?

In that place you'll find Otaku's trainer (for other matches) and Crossfire (the wind one if you're playing Blizzard, the fire one if Firestorm).
We have to wait for the key.
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