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User Info: Levy1998

5 years ago#11
Try to scout him

User Info: ashketchum007

5 years ago#12
What name should i type to recruit nathan i am playing jap version and i dont know the language

User Info: Wata_kun

5 years ago#13
Kazemaru (in hiragana). Or you can search for a wind defender, instead of his name.
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User Info: ashketchum007

5 years ago#14
Location of the pirate guy who randomly appears at okinawa who looks like sakuma of royal and what moves does he learn

User Info: LanceTrace

5 years ago#15
You can scout Nathan Swift after completing the upper route of Mary Times Tournament with S-Rank on all of the matches.

The pirate that looks like Samford is a Connection Map player, you can't get him any other way.
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User Info: ashketchum007

5 years ago#16
I had asked a question about the manual inazuma one drop but i didnt find it at the okinawa special mart. Inazuma one drop is a three user move used by mark,axel and jack. In the anime this move was used in football frontier final against royal. It had broke the catch hissatsu full power shield. Any idea how to get it.

User Info: DukeZero

5 years ago#17
Skipper, the pirate guy, has Critical!, Enperor Penguin No.2, Tsunami Wall and learns The Earth. Beware though, in order to use The Earth you'll need two more of the following players: Mark, Axel, Froste, Nakata, Xene or Nelly. It's a 3-man move, and those guys are the only ones who can join in.

Now a question of my own, has anyone managed to get the green sleeveless jersey Skipper's team uses as a drop?
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User Info: ashketchum007

5 years ago#18
Does xene and nelly learn the earth.

User Info: ashketchum007

5 years ago#19
Who can learn emperor penguin no. 2 naturally without the use of manual

User Info: beastlegend

5 years ago#20
for as much as i know samford and skipper learn emperor penguin no. 2 naturaly

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