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User Info: Sepulchure1

5 years ago#1
Hello, does anybody know some great goalkeepers besides Mark and Lachance? I heared about Jammen, Morgan and some, but i would like to find out more just to see if any others are better. (Please leave stats and moves at level 99).

User Info: jessica001

5 years ago#2
beluga , from diamond duts , is one ofthe best

but poseidon is great too

User Info: Fubuki_Master

5 years ago#3
Autumn is one of the best goalkeepers in the game (he learns Mugen the Hand) , but King is also very good

User Info: Sepulchure1

5 years ago#4
great, what part of the connection map is Autumn at? top right or something?

User Info: Sepulchure1

5 years ago#5
I have done some research, now, who do you all think is better? Autumn or Yve Dunbar?
If you know moves and stats at level 99 and their locations please post.

User Info: Wata_kun

5 years ago#6
The best goalkeeper. Hard question.

Imo Poseidon is the best. Max body, guard and guts stats + Big Moves! = A monster. And you can feed this monster with Power Element and Infinite Wall (or Keeper Plus, if you want) to make him even stronger.
Dunbar or Cush are good choices too. Defence Force is a very useful skill and their stats are very high. Teach them Beast Fang and Power Element.
Darren is great because Mugen The Hand is the strongest stab catch, and his guard is very high. You can use the 2 empty slots for two skills, like Power Element, Keeper Plus, Big Moves! or Critical.
Morgan has the highest guard stat and she knows Power Element. The other stats aren't so high, but you can use the two slots for Beast Fang + another skill.
King is ok, he learns Beast Fang himself, so you can teach him 2 skills (and he learns Critical! too). His stats are good.
Autumn is great, but you can't teach him the Fist of Justice. So no stab. Mugen The Hand is wood, but there aren't lots of good wind shots in IE2. However, there are a lot of fire shots...

Earth=Poseidon, Fire=Cush/Dunbar/Morgan, Wood=Darren, Wind=Autumn
I prefer an earth keeper, so I go with Poseidon.

If you are interested in stats you can read them in my guides (link in signature). <- Yeah, yeah, yeah! End of the pause!
Lots of updates and a new guide ;) IE3 exhibition games locations and conditions!

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