Who is your favorite Valkyria?

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User Info: Magnetronous

7 years ago#1
Mine is Selvaria. She's also my favorite character in the series. Pity, she had to die so early in the series and for a stupid reason too, IMO. So, who is your fave Valkyria in the whole series?
Mine is the one who created the Darcen Legend. :D

User Info: Mightymega

7 years ago#3
uh i think selvaria's going to win by default.
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User Info: NinjamanXXXX

7 years ago#4
Selvaria too bad alicia pregant and can't fight anymore :o and aliase she could have won if she was more matured or older

User Info: pureradiance

7 years ago#5
Selvaria of course: "Cobalt Flames of the Valkyrur, smite our foes..."

Baldren is pretty good too. I just like his order quotes "Hahahaha, tremble before my might!"

What other boss is cool enough to waste CP reducing your morale lol.
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User Info: serpentlaxer

7 years ago#6
1. Selvaria
2. Alicia
3. the one from VC III
4. Aliasse
5. Maximillion (?)

User Info: NinjamanXXXX

7 years ago#7
Baldren not a valkyria and maximillian is not also

Baldren is an artificial valkyria or fake :l
and maximillian theres no such thing as male valkyria
if there was its either called Valkyrio or Vario :D

User Info: CursedSeishi

7 years ago#8
Well yeah ninja, the statement for Max applies to Baldren, since his was essentially the prototype of a prototype (?) of the V suits... =p

But yeah, Selvaria. It really is because of her DLC missions. It makes the "evil" factions more vague, shows off some needed characterization for her, and makes you like her (and Oswald) a bit more.
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User Info: Mindwipe77

7 years ago#9
Sev by far, i really hated that they killed her off.
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User Info: Cutlass_Jack

7 years ago#10
Tricky question. Of the characters who were Valkyria, Alicia was by far my favorite. But not for actually being a Valkyria. I was pretty upset when Faldio did that to her.
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