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User Info: Rainoffire-

7 years ago#1
Ok, so when I finally got the DLC I went and did Exercise vs Class C first. The Weapon I got from the Ace was the Hervor g21. I was wondering if anyone else came across this. I thought the highest was the g11's.

I gave Aliasse the Hervor g21, since she is my only scout elite.
Here are the stats for the weapon:
-vs Psnl 45
-vs Armr 80
-Accrcy 99
-Range 320
-Shots 7
-Suprss B
-Spec -Defense

I am also wondering, if anyone has encountered any other g21 or higher.

User Info: GamerInJapan

7 years ago#2
I have mentioned the gun in other posts, and in my opinion, it turns scouts into snipers and defenders too(thanks to the range and fire power). If you need to rush to a base, scouts will be unstoppable with this weapon. I would say it is a broken weapon but compared to the 1 CP tank or the powerful Shocktrooper DLC weapons, it seems less so. Shocktroopers do well in small closed spaces, so I have a 4 scouts and 3 shocktroopers in my team usually.

User Info: Rainoffire-

7 years ago#3
I just made Avan a Mauler, and as I was changing his weapon I notice something that wasn't even listed on the SpreadSheet.

It is called Valholl Sp B
Stats are:
-vs Psnl 500
-vs Armr 3500
-Accrcy 99
-Range 40
-Suprss D

I don't recall where I got it though.

User Info: Arkmay64

7 years ago#4
The heck? I have the 1800 vs armor maul and it takes down heavy tanks in one shot. That thing just seems like complete overkill.
This is only here to make me feel important.

User Info: Rainoffire-

7 years ago#5
Maybe it is meant to take out ghost tanks lol.
Well the 500 vs Prsnl is also good for taking out Infantry.

I just grabbed this Great Sword from an Ace that was also not on the SpreadSheet

It's called Eberouge
Stats are:
-vs Psnl 900
-vs Armr 120
-Suprss D

Other than Boss units, what else have HP above 900?? I guess to kill Shielded V2s...

User Info: Battlenote

7 years ago#6
The reason they are not on the spreadsheet is because they are all DLC weapons.
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User Info: final_chance

7 years ago#7
The Idun SP B is a shocktroopers weapon from the DLC mission where only Avan deploys. It's got 95 vs Personnel, 90 vs Armor, and 350 range IIRC. With Max Damage potential you could probably kill powered V2s with it, though I've yet try. If not, buffing with an Anthem Corp on top would prolly do the trick.

Which missions have the Maul and Greatsword? I really need a better greatsword in particular.
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User Info: Rainoffire-

7 years ago#8
I believe Battle of Mellvere EX and Lanseal Ex have the GreatSword and Maul respectively.

All my ShockTroopers are now equipped with the Idun SP B.

And finally got all my Classes to level 50. Cerulean Catastrophe is the easiest for exp grinding, and can be finish in 2 turns. Can get around 3,000,000 from it. Gives little cash though...

And almost finish with the R&D upgrades. Just a few more to go until completion. Is there any other Special weapons?

On another note, I got all classes to 50 and Welkin still did not join my Squad. Already went through a couple of missions and still nothing.

User Info: oooga

7 years ago#9
To get Welkin, you actually have to do a Paid Mission. Since you have all classes to 50 it should be available in the store. Its called "Order Mastery" or something similar to that.

Also on a side note, anyone know where I can farm Goll g22s easier? So far the only place I found it was in the Final Engineer Exam. Praying there's a map where I can farm that pistol w.out having to rely only on my engineers and that POS Escort APC.

User Info: Rainoffire-

7 years ago#10
Thanks, I thought doing that mission only gives you the Extra Fuel tank plans.

Tried most of the DLC missions, though not all, and haven't seen the weapon in any other mission. It sucks that it can only be obtained through that mission ATM.

On another note, I do hate it when it is an Escort mission, and the map has V2s... Charge lazerz do ungodly damage to those un-upgradable APCs...

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