CWCheats spreadsheet guide.

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User Info: scsilord

7 years ago#1
Hi everybody!

People seem to have trouble understanding the CWCheat spreadsheet, so here is a quick guide.

Useful stuff.
The sheet itself:
A calculator which can convert decimal to hexadecimal(windows calculator -> scientific) is very useful here.

*Background info*
The PSP has 24 megabyte of memory which is addressed per byte in the range 0x00000000 to 0x01800000.
The memory contains stuff from the operating system of the PSP and the game itself.
The game memory part contains different sets of data.
Program code: it needs to run right?
Strings: no undies, all the text you read while playing. These allowed me to make a Title and Medal list, plus they gave the hidden characters away.
Numeric variables: This is where the magic happens. The numeric values contain all the stats like:
DCT, EXP, play-time, materials, unit usage, credits, character individual stats and much more. The issue with all these variables is finding them and discovering what they do.

The most important addresses for the spreadsheet are:
Character credit values.
Off-battle character stats
In-battle character and enemy character stats.

In-battle stats jump around in memory for each mission, but they can be found and you can see what the enemies are actually made off.

*The actual guide*
Everything starts off with a base memory address, Avan's base is 536C88 or written 0x00536c88 to be CWC compatible.
The spreadsheet has 2 columns "Increment" and "Affects" (A&B). If you increment the base address by one of these values you get the address of desired stat.
!!!All increments are decimal and addresses are hexadecimal.!!!
The very first is 0-Person, add 0(address doesn't change) and you have the byte that tells who this character is. In Avan's case it's 536c88 with a value of 01 and that is Avan.
!!!Transforming story characters into someone else isn't a great idea, you need them for their classmate missions or certain story missions. The non-story characters can be transformed without messing up the game.!!!
If you change the value to 02, Avan becomes Zeri and Zeri is still Zeri, giving you 2 Zeri's.

Another important increment is 13-Class, Add 13 to Avan's base address and you get 536C95. You can expect any of the classes values here, because Avan and tutorial Avan can be whatever they want to be in-game. Other characters can benefit from this, that one character you like in a "useless" class? No problem, just change it. The [B]attle potentials won't change though.
!!!The Valkyria class will crash the game.!!!

User Info: scsilord

7 years ago#2
You can also modify character equipment with unknown limitations. 4&5 for armor 20&21, 22&23, 24&25, 26&27, 29&29 for weapons, this seems to be confusing people.
The weapons and armor slots are each 2 bytes. The 2nd byte tells the game what level the equipment is (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,F) These should look familiar. The levels have two lists 00-1 to 48-F and 01-1 to 49-F, if you want a weapon from the 1st weapon least you pick the 1st level list (Mags-F = 17 & 48). On the second weapons list you need the second level list (Gram Gatling-M-F = 38 & 49).
The ace weapons work slightly different, they have no variable level. A Yule g1 will always be a Yule g1. The game itself sets these weapons as level 1 that means 00 for the left weapons list and 01 for the right weapons list.
!!!The DLC weapons only work when you have the DLC.!!!
Idun Sp B(Baldren's overpowered gun) = A0 & 01
Armor works the same as the 1st weapons list. (Field Suit-F = 00 & 48)

Be careful when slapping weapons on the wrong classes, the game doesn't have the right animations for them and it can look pretty awkward.
The change equipment doesn't care what you do and just shows it, entering a mission will tell you if you actually succeeded.
!!!Tank and V2/Valyria weapons can !not! be equipped on your soldiers.!!!
!!!Not all classes can have 5 weapon slots.!!!
!!!Not all equipment is allowed on all classes.!!!

User Info: Rakaija

7 years ago#3
Thanks a ton. This is quite awesome, SCSILord. Too bad I need to have the DLC to use the DLC weapons! Haha.
You see things; and you say, "Why?"
But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

User Info: Rakaija

7 years ago#4
For newbs to using CWCHeat, here's a mini guide to inputting a code. (I actually spent quite a few hours figuring this out on my own before the above guide came out, so forgive me if it's over-simplified.)

First, use this hex calculator: to find your new character addresses for various reasons. I'll use Alexis for this example.

First, you have Alexis' base address: 537208 (This is in hex). You add 20 to this in decimal (To find the address for inputting a weapon into the Alexis' first slot. You do this by first entering in 537208 into the calculator, pressing "DEC", then adding 20, and then press "HEX", and then press the equal sign.) You should get your new address: 53721C.

Then add 1 to this address in decimal to get your address for the series of the weapon. For Alexis, this address will be 53721D. (The series of the weapon you need to put into the code will depend upon which column you choose it from, as well as if the weapon is a 1-F Series or an Ace weapon, in which case the series will always be 1.)

So the code so far should look like this:

_C0 Alexis Weapon Modifier 1st Slot
_L 0x0053721C 0x000000??
_L 0x0053721D 0x000000uu

"??" Should be the weapon ID you wish. For example, if you wish to equip Alexis with a Gnir g5 you would input 2B
"uu" Should be the series of the weapon you desire. If you wanted to equip Alexis with a Gnir g5, the series would always be 1, meaning you should just enter "01" in place of "uu". If you wanted to equip Alexis with a Gallian-X-9, you would input a "41" in place of "uu".

So your code then finally looks like this for a Gnir g5:

_C0 Alexis Weapon Modifier 1st Slot
_L 0x0053721C 0x0000002B
_L 0x0053721D 0x00000001

When you first activate the code, you will notice that Alexis will have the weapon equipped, but the stats from her previous weapon will not have changed. You must go into a battle with her to notice the difference in item model and stats. Also, as stated in a previous topic, you cannot equip a character class with any other class tree's weapons. You can equip a Mauler with a Greatsword, but not a Sniper Rifle. You can equip a Scout Elite with an Advanced Rifle, but not a Maul. And so on.

Thanks for all of the information you've compiled for us, SCSILord. :D It's been an amazing help.
You see things; and you say, "Why?"
But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

User Info: scsilord

7 years ago#5
The class tree limit doesn't apply to all weapon/class combinations, i had commandos with blast suits, sniper rifles, sub-machine-guns, great-swords and mauls at the same time.
I had no success with the advanced ragnaid variations on other classes.

That's why I state that there are unknown limitations. many things work, some don't and i have no idea why.

Just keep on trying!

User Info: Rakaija

7 years ago#6
Alright, haha. I haven't had time to test out all other combos. I was pretty happy just to finally figure out how to enter them.
You see things; and you say, "Why?"
But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

User Info: Canzah

7 years ago#7
Thanks a ton for this, would it be possible for you to write an explanation on potentials editing? I've been looking for a way to replace Selvaria's empty 3rd and 4th [P] potentials with Valkyria and Mysterious Body but I haven't been able to find a way to do so.
If you could explain potential editing I'd be very grateful.

User Info: Rakaija

7 years ago#8
scsilord, I was wondering if you could check what's wrong with this code? I'm attempting to change Nahum's first slot into a Hildr g5.

Nahum's Base Address:536398

_C0 Nahum Weapon Modifier 1st Slot
_L 0x005363AC 0x000000F8
_L 0x005363AD 0x00000000

You see things; and you say, "Why?"
But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

User Info: Rakaija

7 years ago#9
There seems to be an issue with the code that transfers a character in place of another. I replaced Franca with Julius, then shut off my game after everything was saved. I reloaded, and now I have neither Franca nor Julius. I don't suppose you know how I could retrieve either one back from the grave via a different code or method?
You see things; and you say, "Why?"
But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

User Info: scsilord

7 years ago#10
Dark knight:
You seem to have misread Nahum's base address or something.
It's 536E98 instead of 536398

So it should be.
_C0 Nahum Weapon Modifier 1st Slot
_L 0x00536EAC 0x000000F8
_L 0x00536EAD 0x00000000

The Franca disappearance is mysterious, i recreated the situation and she is apparently wiped by some DLC corruption prevention mechanism. The personnel data is still there, so she is disabled somewhere else and my instincts tell me it's the same place where the coded characters are locked/unlocked.
I hope you backed up your save prior to this, since i have little hope that I find the location.

The [B] potentials are tough nuts, they always reverted to their natural state when i edited them.
I haven't checked the [P] potentials yet to see if i can modify them and I haven't discovered where they reside in the PSP memory.
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