Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 3 PS2 Or PS3?!

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User Info: xxnike629xx

8 years ago#1
Is it possible?

I think that honestly, the PSP is the "next gen" PS2/cash cow for Sony. Seems like Sony wants to give more attention to the PSP.

Anyway, since a PS2 version of this isn't likely (or maybe if Sony decides to be stubborn and continue with the PS2 through like 2010 and 2011), what about a PS3 port with additional content and improved graphics?

Surely with the Blu-Ray, they'd be able to cram far more than what they could on the low capacity UMD.

And if they did do a PS3 version, I hope that they leave out all Part 1 content (story and characters) and only have Part 2/Shippuden stuff.


Well, we've already seen Part 1 story and characters 5 times already (Narutimate Hero 1 ~ 3 + Narutimate Hero Accel 1 ~ 2) and besides, I think that the roster is gonna be huge enough in Narutimate Accel 3.

I hope that they do a PS3 version eventually or maybe do a Narutimate Storm 2/Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 with Shippuden content.

We don't need Storm 2 to be a revamped version of Storm 1 with more characters, better graphics, etc etc (ala DIMPS and SPIKE style with the Dragon Ball series).

User Info: AznED

8 years ago#2
Hey Nike....

Even though Storm 2, if they plan on making it, it's going to most likely be shippuuden, it'll just be a storm 2.

I've heard CC2 say Accel 2 was the last Naruto game they make on PS2. And since storm was already on PS3, PSP was the next thing.
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User Info: narutovssasuke7

8 years ago#3
^ just as the above poster said, no it will not be released on the ps2 or ps3., My Psn: MOFONGO_PROD_
My Website:

User Info: AlphaEnd

8 years ago#4
Dont underestimate the UMD. Even with all the voice overs, cutscenes and extras the developers love to dish out, it is still only about 650MB when you RIP the UMD. If they cut down on the pointless extras such as the figures, they can fit Ultimate Ninja 3 into a UMD. It holds over 1.8GB, so a PS2 level PSP game is very possible. The developers tend to get lazy on PSP systems. If games like FF:CC and God of War are possible, a Naruto game is more than possible.
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User Info: Godzillaheisei

8 years ago#5
Oh boy..Nike is back.

User Info: Riku10921

8 years ago#6
Do you not like the PSP nike?
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User Info: platinum95

8 years ago#7
To TC:

just accept it...................ps2 just needs to die already like seriously die already =)

User Info: MA5C

8 years ago#8
I hate it when people praise FF:CC, cuz as far as I have seen, the physics are absolutely abysimal. I'd rather use Star Wars TFU as an example (even though it wasn't all that great either). Hopefully when KH:BBS comes out it will show them something.
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User Info: CrossZ

8 years ago#9
I've already given up on hoping CC2 will bring Accel 3 to the PS2 (let alone PS3), ppl say that PS2 needs to die and I do agree BUT I still think it was a BIG wrong move CC2 did by releasing Accel 3 on the PSP, IMO they should've released Accel 3 for PS2 and AFTER this they could start making Accel 4, 5, etc for the PSP.

Now I'll have to wait till next year to get a PSP and who knows when I'll play Accel 3.

Thanks a lot CC2.
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User Info: Godzillaheisei

8 years ago#10

Can't you get a PSP this year? Or are you planning to get something else?
Hopefully everyone else will realize that Accel 3 will not come to PS2/PS3 just PSP. ONly some people have realized that while everyone else is jealous or in denial.
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